Snacks on a plane

This was the first course on Aegean Airlines.  It featured smoked salmon trout, stuffed peppers & octopus salad on eggplant mousse, and a glass of Le Vigneron Grec 2016 (Assyrtiko with a touch of Muscat)

Greek finger food

I was at a conference in Delphi, where they served a buffet lunch.  There was a selection of Greek dishes.  I chose a ham and cheese crepe, a spinach and ricotta puff pastry, herb infused chicken on a skewer, and pieces of sheep’s milk cheese.  It wasn’t actually finger food, but since I had to […]

Roast potatoes and toast

The latest food scare is about overcooked roast potatoes and burnt toast.  The Food Standards Agency warn that acrylamide produced by such foods could increase cancer risks in humans, although mice rather than humans were studied in the research David Spiegelhalter, Professor of the Public Understanding of Risk at the new Winton Centre for Risk […]

Christmas nuts

There’s a crucial difference between nuts you crack yourself, be they walnuts, brazils or hazelnuts, and the pre-shelled ones that come in packets.  It is that the shop-bought shelled ones tend to dry out and are much less oily, and it is the oiliness of fresh-cracked nuts that constitutes much of their appeal.  Note that […]

Chocolate cherry liquer

I’m rather fond of chocolate liqueurs. I like the combination of the sweet chocolate outside and the sharpness of the drink inside.  It seems silly that I need to have approval to buy these.  I think a youngster would be likely to die of obesity long before they became tipsy on the booze in them. […]

The Salt Room ***

The Salt Room on Brighton’s seafront is popular and pleasant. I order the fish of the day, which was served with caper butter and some samphire. I also enjoyed the Salt cod fritters, served with a smoked cod’s roe dip. The Salt Room is much better than some of its Brighton seafront rivals, with more interesting cooking […]