Luxury birthday hamper

I bought a friend a hamper for his birthday. It was from John Lewis and contained orange marmalade, 3 fruit marmalade, strawberry jam, raspberry jam, chocolate chip cookies, traditional fudge, lemon curd, cranberry & port sauce, Cumberland sauce and blackcurrant jam.  Wow!  Delicious!  And after eating it all he gets to keep the hamper as […]

Terry’s chocolate orange

It’s been a UK staple for 85 years (since 1932). Terry’s chocolate orange is a ball-shaped assembly of orange flavoured chocolate segments. You tap the ball at one end and the segments fall apart. Production was moved to Poland after the York factory closed in 2005. It’s a great gift for children, but many adults […]

Not quite champagne and caviar

The “champagne” is vintage cava, which is actually better than the cheaper champagnes, and quite a good deal better than prosecco. But it must be vintage cava. I usually buy it when it’s reduced to about £7 for a 75cl bottle. The ‘caviar’ is Onuga, a created name designed to call to mind Beluga and […]


This Christmas treat never featured in my childhood Christmases.  I think it’s become popular fairly recently.  It’s a German fruit bread with chopped candied fruit, nuts and spices.  This one from M&S came bristling with nuts, maybe too many, instead of the more traditional powdered sugar, and I couldn’t detect any marzipan, which I expect […]