Cork & Bottle cheeses

The Cork & Bottle wine bar just off London’s Leicester Square has long been known for its food.  Their raised ham & cheese pie has been a legend for 4 decades.  Their selection of cheeses is outstanding, with hard, soft and blue cheeses, plus sheep and goat’s cheeses as well.  Very highly recommended.

The excellent Olive Grove

The Olive Grove at Cambridge never disappoints for its excellent food and service. This time I had Kotosoupa – velvet chicken soup with vegetables & lemon, then Arni Filleto – skewered lamb neck-fillet served with potato wedges, pitta bread & Mediterranean salad, with a dip of yoghurt & cucumber on the side. I drank a […]

Carb-heavy croque

Staying last weekend in the Meridian Fisherman’s Grove hotel in the Seychelles I ate Sunday lunch in the beachside bar, ordering the croque monsieur.  It looked rather heavy in carbohydrates with lots of bread and chips.  I improved it by leaving behind 4 of the 6 pieces of bread and eating only a handful of […]

Punt Yard pizza

There’s a great new place at Quayside in Cambridge.  It’s called the Punt Yard, and they sell Pizza by the yard!  I could only manage a quarter yard (which comes circular) of their Loose Cannon pizza.  It was absolutely delicious and obviously home made.  Highly recommended…

Oblix at the Shard

Oblix on the 32nd floor of London’s Shard tower has magnificent views on London, plus some very good food.  I ate crab cakes and blackened cod, though the place prides itself on its steaks, which it displays in a glass case just inside the door.  There’s no way, however, that I’m going to pay £72 […]