Dorset snails

I quite like escargots, which are mainly an excuse to have garlic butter, but the Savoy offers something new. It is baked Dorset snails with sweet garlic, red wine and brioche crumbs. I didn’t like it nearly as much as escargots, finding the brioche crumbs a distraction from the actual snail itself.

Savoy in style

It was quite a meal at the Savoy. First came lobster bisque, though I tasted one of the Dorset snails a companion ordered. Then came beef Wellington, medium rare with Vichy carrots. The piece de résistance was the crepe suzette. First butter and squeezed oranges, then Grand Marnier and cognac, then the crepes, and finally […]

Pickled herring in Stockholm

I was in Stockholm for a conference, and enjoyed Swedish cuisine. I especially liked the pickled herring they served at a smorgasbord banquet. It’s not remotely vinegary. On the contrary, some of it is very sweet. It goes superbly with Aquavit, a Scandinavian spirit served very chilled.

Salmon at the National Liberal Club

I ordered the salmon as my main course for lunch. It was adequate, nice and moist, not over-cooked. I would call it competent rather than special. The potatoes were good, but the salad garnish as bland. Fortunately the club white wine did not disappoint. My verdict is that this is not among the top rank […]

Rare roast beef at Balls Brothers

There’s a branch in Buckingham Palace Road, just across from Victoria Station.  I chose the rare roast beef sandwich, which comes on brown bread with beef tomato, watercress and horseradish sauce. I asked for mustard as well as horseradish. It was good, chunky with beef, but way too much bread for my tastes. I’d prefer […]

Loch Fyne’s Smokehouse Ashet

Loch Fyne restaurant serves a starter called “Smokehouse Ashet.”  It is for sharing between two persons and contain 3 salmon dishes.  There is traditional sliced smoked salmon, chunks of cold smoked salmon, and bradan rost, a cooked steak of salmon.  It is served with peppercorns and brown bread.  All delicious!

Tapas at All Bar One

All Bar One does offer plate sized meals, but I usually go for a selection of the smaller dishes. Among my favourites are the spinach and feta bourek in flakey pastry, the chorizo and halloumi skewers, and the chicken skewers with a ginger teriyaki sauce.

Pan-fried gurnard at Fish Works

I chose it at Swallow Street’s Fish Works, just along from Bentley’s Oyster Bar. Pan-fried gurnard served skin side up, signalling that you’re supposed to eat the skin.  I did.  It was very good, enhanced by the excellent salad.  Feta cheese. olives, cucumber, and most crucially, hardly any leaves! Brilliant.

Les Deux Salons

Located in William Street just North of Trafalgar Square, Les Deux Salons takes its name from the fact that it has a bistro at street level and a posher restaurant upstairs. It is very French in style, conjuring up something of Zedel in its ambience. I chose their calves liver, “pink, no blood,” and was […]

Ivy fish & chips

The Ivy is quite a London institution, popular with celebs at lunchtime and its tables are usually booked well in advance. The menu features many dishes you might cook yourself at home, things such as shepherd’s pie, but done far better than most people would manage at home. I had the deep fried haddock with […]

Ulivio’s chicken with spaghetti

After Carluccio’s came Ulivio’s chicken Milanese. It was about the same, but came with spaghetti! I didn’t taste the spaghetti, which is just as well because it had the appearance and texture of tinned spaghetti. And at an Italian restaurant. The saving grace that it was a warm evening so we ate out of doors […]

Feta mousse

I was intrigued by the feta mousse, offered  as a starter at London’s Carlton Club at lunchtime. It certainly looked artistic! Cubes of feta cheese-flavoured mousse were decorated with pomegranate seeds, strips of beetroot of various colours, and some thin strips of red something-or-other. It was good, with the fruit’s sweetness complementing the acid of […]