Chicken casserole

It’s not the most difficult dish.  Chicken pieces about half an inch square, seared on the stove top in oil.  Then add chopped onions, red and green peppers, plus peas, sweetcorn and mushrooms in a half pint of chicken stock from an Oxo cube.  Add chopped garlic, cayenne pepper and herb and pepper seasoning, then […]


A rather nice frittata

I made a frittata to share at lunch with my guest, a pescatarian. So no meat or poultry, but there were king prawns, plus pre-par-cooked potatoes, green peppers, onions, tomatoes & courgettes. I whipped up four and a half eggs with two spoons of creme fraiche, two of Greek-style yoghurt, half a cup of semi-skimmed […]


Saumon en croute

I made salmon Wellington, aka saumon en croute, using puff pastry, and spreading green pesto over the salmon before I wrapped it up and brushed the pastry with egg. I actually found how to do it by looking up a 2006 post from this food blog.  I cut it for the photo in order to […]

PP salad

Pork pie salad

The pork pie was Melton Mowbray, and other protein included ham, cheese and a boiled egg.  The salad included iceberg lettuce, pomodoro tomatoes, green olives and new potatoes.  Some light mayonnaise went on the lettuce, with mango chutney for the pork pie, and mustard for the ham.  Very nice it was, too.

saumon croute

Salmon Wellington

It’s actually saumon en croute, but I make it with a novel twist.  I put the raw salmon, skin removed, onto the puff pastry rectangles, then I put a layer of pesto on top before folding and sealing the pastry.  I brush with beaten egg and bake for 15 minutes in a 170 fan oven. […]


Lamb salad

The lamb slices were left over from a roast lamb dinner. They were lightly sprinkled with rock salt and served with mint jelly alongside. The salad was quite high protein, in that it contained a boiled egg, cheese and pecan nuts in addition to iceberg lettuce, spring onions, Vittoria tomatoes, sunflower seeds and pine nuts. […]



It is somewhat like a quiche without the pastry.  I whisked up four eggs with three big spoons of cream and half a mug of goat’s milk.  I poured enough to cover the base of the dish, then added 2 chopped rashers of cooked bacon (soft, Canadian style), plus chopped onion, green pepper and mushrooms. […]


Goose for Christmas

Goose used to be traditional in England.  In Victorian times working class people would join goose clubs, paying a penny a week so they could enjoy a Christmas goose.  It is gamier and moister than turkey, and much tastier.  Mine weighed 11 pounds and fed 4 people 2 meals each.  It took 3 hours 15 […]


Christmas pudding

I never make Christmas pudding myself because there are so many good ones on sale.  Among the best is Fortnum & Mason’s St James Pudding, packed with fruit and spices.  I microwave it and pour rum over it to light it up before serving.  I have it with brandy butter or sometimes white sauce or […]


Turkey quiche

What do you do with the Thanksgiving leftovers?  You make a turkey quiche!  Pastry from plain flour, bran and goose fat – very succulent.  Line with cheese, then chopped yellow and red peppers, pieces of turkey, Italian seasoning, egg and goats milk.  A 170 oven for 40 minutes and there it is.  I ate it […]


Turkey and peppers pie

I browned chunks of turkey breast on the stove top in a little oil.  Into the dish they went with chopped up red and yellow peppers on top.  I added gravy made from chicken gravy granules and a sprinkling of Italian herbs.  The pie was top crust only, with a rolled out sheet of puff […]


Lamb, peach and ginger pie

It’s a dish I’ve cooked before, and it always works.  I sear the pieces of lamb in a pan on the stove top.  It goes into the pie dish with a peach chopped up into about half inch pieces.  I add a level spoon of ginger to the gravy granules, using a light gravy intended […]