Seafood bisque

A seafood bisque is a creamy stew of crustaceans, typically lobster, langoustines, crab, shrimp and crayfish. It’s a way of using up ones that are imperfect or not considered good enough to market. Typically the crustaceans are sautéed in their shells before being strained and cooked with cream and spices. The word ‘bisque’ may have […]

Mixed fried seafood

One thing they do very well in Nice is fritto misto, a mixture of seafood lightly deep fried.  This one had lots of squid, prawns, sardines, and some unidentifiable small fish.  Most of it was served whole, leaving the delicate job of extracting the bits you don’t want to eat.  Very good with homemade tartare […]

French breakfast

At Cote they called it a French breakfast.  It looked remarkably like an English breakfast.  There was scrambled eggs – two of them – plus bacon and mushroom.  There was also black pudding, though they called it boudin noir, a French blood sausage.  The bread was different, though.  Instead of fried bread or (my preference) […]