Satanic sustenance

According to a bizarre article at The Viewspaper, coffee is the devil’s own drink. I rarely drink it myself – only normally after a large meal in a formal setting, when it tends to come as the fourth or fifth course, with mints alongside. A decent cup of espresso at that point often prevents me […]

An excellent combination

If you’ve ever owned a toasting device, such as the George Foreman grilling machine, you will understand that if you wish to make a toasted sandwich with one, it’s best to include cheese in the filling, so it melts and combines the other ingredients together very satisfyingly. I’ve recently tried such a thing at The […]

Maypole Antipasto

The owners of this Cambridge pub are from Italy, and it shows in their Antipasto Mediterranean. The dish comes served with two pieces of large, crusty bread, and the main part of the meal is made from sundried tomatoes, olives, feta cheese, various herbs and a few other bits and pieces, sliced small and put […]


Occasionally, I pop into town to perform some task with the university. In general, this takes a few hours (library work and similar), so I always take in something to eat. When I forget to pack something from home, I pick up a flapjack (or oatcake, depending on where you’re from) from one of the […]

Celebration Champers

It was a warm and busy day in Cambridge. We actually had to move from two different establishments before we found a table big enough for the six of us. We eventually settled at The Eagle, in one of their nicely wood-panelled rooms. In celebration of (most of) us finishing exams, we managed to get […]

Traditional combo

That it may be, but it was still excellent. A friend and I were out enjoying the weather and window-shopping for a netbook, when we realised it was quite late and we ought to continue the fun and dine out. (Another cunning way shops staying open until 8pm make you spend more…) His ex-gym (Greens, […]

Dark delight

I walked past Hotel Chocolat whilst out getting my voicemail fixed, and was very tempted to go in and buy some aids for my academic activity. However, I then noticed the prices and decided a somewhat more special occasion was required, so instead dropped by Sainsbury’s on my way back to the bus stop. In […]

Lasting market chorizo

Every now and then I take a walk through the market in Cambridge, and this last week’s weather has been magnificent, so I went a couple of times. On one day, I was tempted to buy a chorizo sausage, so I did. Although it cost £3.75, it was quite hefty (about the size of two […]

Pulp included

Today, I awoke to a fridge with the last meal-sized portion of smoked salmon left over. I took a very thin slice of crust from the end of a granary loaf, coated it with olive oil spread, then lay the smoked salmon slices on top. I added a hint of freshly-ground, black pepper, then spread […]

Vicarious vice

As I’m not drinking at the moment, to keep a clear head for academic purposes, when a friend ordered a ‘Bon-Bon’ cocktail at B, Cambridge, I took the merest sip, to taste, as it was a new cocktail to me. The flavour was quite remarkable – mostly marzipan, but with sweet lemon, too. Their ingredients […]

What the kids do in summer

Despite it being only March, it feels like it will soon be summer in Cambridge. The sun comes out more often than not, and when it does, the temperature rises dramatically. Above is a picture of the place where sixth-form students like to go for celebrations after they’ve finished their A-levels, so long as it’s […]

Back of The Regal

This is the back of our local Wetherspoons (in Cambridge called The Regal). It’s quite an unusual structure, and offers excellent shelter in several ways: it removes you from the reputedly potentially violent customers inside, it means you have far less noise, as this backs on to a side-road next to a university building, the […]