My local deli

Balzano’s in Cambridge is an authentic Italian deli established well over 30 years ago now and still  serving the well-settled local Italian community and everyone else….It has a fantastic bakery where bread is still baked each day and supplied to a host of restaurants and food outlets. I love it as it has a fantastic […]

After a good meal

Calvados is an apple brandy from the French region of Lower Normandy. It is made from cider apples, double distilled and often aged in oak casks for a period of time. It is rumoured to have come into being around the time of Charlemagne, the great leader often cited as being the ‘father of Europe’ […]

Cavolo Nero, a lemon and sweet red pepper

Cavolo Nero, originally from Italy, has a distinctive colour and depth of flavour. Once cooked and combined with roasted red pepper and lemon juice and a little olive oil, it takes on a ‘surreal-sublime’ taste, which will stand its ground as a excellent accompaniment alongside any dish of the day, be it a roast dinner […]

A Vegetable trivet

A trivet, also known as a ‘hot plate,’ is an object placed between a serving dish or bowl and a dining table, usually to protect the table from heat damage. In cooking a trivet serves the purpose of cooking a joint of meat with the same care of protecting it from the direct heat of […]

Broken promises

A while ago now I made a promise not to buy another cookery book – as one tends to just buy them and not actually cook from them. Only last week I bought this online and thus broke my promise that I had made a few months ago. This new book is called ‘British Seasonal […]

British Regional Food at its best

British Regional Food by Mark Hix was the last cookery book I  bought, early this year – after making a promise not to buy another cookery book. It’s fantastic in many ways – unpretentious, simple and has the wow factor in local produce, food, and some classical local recipes. The author runs a good restaurant called […]

Food for free

Sunday – a bright crisp morning – not a cloud in the sky! Wonderful for picking quinces! In Cambridge, quince tress abound in unusual locations … on forgotten allotments & doctors’ surgeries and in local gardens. I had been invited to pick some ripe quinces – so I called my best friend, Steve, who was […]

Value for money

Picture from the FT Weekend 20/21 September 2008. On Tuesday evenings, after a trip out for an adventure of sorts, – after school pickup – I normally buy my sons fish & chips from our local chip shop. The shop we go to has recently been transformed by a re-fit and has a new name […]

A Simple Salad

“Delicious”! exclaimed my wife who seldom cooks in our home. Friends often ask if we normally eat so well when we are just are just cooking a simple everyday meal – the answer is normally ‘yes we do’. Our boys have their ‘tea’ around 5pm – and are usually tucked in bed when we have […]