Gluten-free, homemade pizza

Yes, I am still very much alive. I’ve just become rather busy with work in Silicon Valley after moving back to the US from London. Apologies for just disappearing like that! Onward: I’ve recently become very interested in gluten-free foods. I stopped eating flour and sugar for Lent – not for religious reasons, but in […]

San Mateo Farmers’ Market

This is a blessedly abbreviated market. I love such open-air affairs as much as the next girl, but early on a Saturday morning, surrounded by California hippies and all their self-righteous airs, not to mention parents with their 4×4-sized pushchairs…Well, twenty minutes to do the whole thing sounds about right to me. Last weekend, I […]

No need for lunch money

I just started a new job, as director of marketing for Qik. I am incredibly excited to be working for one of Silicon Valley’s most deservedly hot start-ups, even though it means you just never quit. Even when you’re not in the office, you’re working. But they sure do make it comfy to be in […]


In theory, moving to California (as I just have) should make it easier to eat healthfully. Amongst other things, the Golden State is known for its population of health nuts. But it is also home to some of the best, most tempting food around. One of the biggest trends of the last couple of years […]

Greedy girls of Silicon Valley

I had dinner on Thursday night with three of my favourite Silicon Valley women: One works for a prominent venture capital firm, one is an editor for a major publisher, and the other is an entrepreneur/journalist/web guru par excellence. Then there was me, whatever I am. We asked for a table way at the back […]


I have been traveling a great deal, which is my way of offering a flimsy excuse for my lack of blogging. Criss-crossing the US has really taken it out of me, though. Eating on the road is always a challenge for me, as I am on a never-ending quest to slim. I have been successful […]

A different kind of fire man

Yesterday, I went to a barbecue at my friend Jeff Nolan‘s house in sunny northern California. It was a beautiful day made more pleasant by Jeff’s family and some new friends. Even better: Jeff smoked some wonderful ribs for five hours. They’d been covered with a rub and sauce made by Jeff himself. In fact, […]

You’re spoiling us, Mr Consul

That’s Bebo co-founder Paul Birch at left, mucking around behind the back of Craigslist co-founder Jim Buckmaster during a party we attended at the British Consulate in San Francisco last night. The party was part of the series of events around Web Mission, which has brought 20 UK start-ups from the Web 2.0 arena to […]

Bon Vie bistro

As expressed in this video, I had high hopes for the croque madame I ordered at this large, gorgeous restaurant in Columbus, Ohio. It was the first I had ever had outside of Paris, so I was curious to see how faithful the midwestern interpretation would be to the French original. I was disappointed. The […]

Oshen bisque

I named this creamy pancetta, mushroom and garlic soup after the lovely Michelle Oshen, the internet’s Bacon Queen (judge and jury: me) and a thoroughly delightful person. Michelle’s been poorly, and after wondering if she was feeling any better, I had the brainstorm to improvise this dish as a very late, fast, warm, filling supper. […]

Roast rosemary and lemon chicken

I had the same idea as Paul and Mike did this weekend, it seems. There was a free-range roasting chicken from Trader Joe’s in my freezer, sized just over two kilos, that I wanted to make. I didn’t want to take a lot of hassle with it, and the good news is that roast chicken […]

Improvised, inauthentic clam chowder

This is not authentic, okay? With that out of the way, it is sooo good, super-easy and low-carb friendly. Chop four or five anchovy fillets into small pieces, then cook in olive oil over medium heat until they sort of start to melt into the pan. (If your anchovy fillets came in olive oil – […]