Wheat Free

The Evans family have recently gone wheat free. Although the occasional baguette is tempting when dining out, we are persevering at home. This process has actually been a little easier than I would have thought. The purchase of a bread maker (more in future blogs) has made us wonder why we have been eating mass […]

Another quick supper

I have been playing around for ideas for quick suppers and have come up with two versions on the same theme. For the posh supper, melt some Boursin cheese in a frying pan with a little single cream. When this is melted and starting to bubble take it off the heat and add some chopped […]

Dinner at the Ritz

Before Christmas we were lucky enough to have a family dinner in the wonderful dining room at the ritz. They do a fantastic black tie dinner and dance. The food was wonderful as you can see from the picture of the lobster bisque. However, my moan is that I have a four year old daughter […]


Not liking to waste food I was casting around for ideas to use up some left over roast lamb when my mind went back to things that my Grandmothers used to cook. Rissoles I said out loud, much to the surprise of Tim who was trying to read the Sunday papers. So to work. Out […]


With Christmas not too far away I decided that it was time to make some space in the freezer and first to be used up was some beef mince and sheets of lasagna. The meat sauce was made by frying off some white onions, browning the mince then adding chopped tomatoes, red wine, seasoning and […]

Just Perfect

Family friend Antoine returned from France with a gift of terrine of foie gras. The only problem was how to use it to do it justice. We decided to use it to accompany fillet steak. The Steaks were fried to preference and then put aside to rest, good sized slices of foie gras were then […]


The Evans family are always on the lookout for new restaurants to try out, so a recent birthday gave us the opportunity to visit Wodka in South Kensington. It was a resounding success for all. For me the first course of potato, cheese and spring onion dumplings followed by a main of duck on red […]

Avoid Partridges of Chelsea!

Very recently my husband had the grave misfortune of taking my young daughter to breakfast at Partridges of Sloane Street – or more accurately Chelsea given the main store is now just off the Kings Road. He has been visiting these local general grocers with their more recently added café since the 1960s, and putting […]

Books for Young Cooks Only

I would love to be able to urge readers of this blog to try out the book shop ‘Books for Cooks’ in Notting Hill. However, after my experience there this morning I find myself advising friends not to set foot in the place. While I was browsing, with the intention of spending a considerable amount […]

Simple Starter Salad

This salad is one of my quick stand by starters that is always well received. Start by arranging some green leaves on the plate and dress with a simple balsamic dressing. Then add some quails eggs, mandarine segments and finally some toasted pine nuts (for a change you could swap these for apple slices and […]

The Waterside Inn a different perspective

I very much enjoyed our food bloggers meal at The Waterside Inn last week, but I don’t think that I can better the excellent write-ups already given by my fellow diners. Although, I have to say that the cheese trolley was one of the finest that I have ever had the good fortune to appreciate. […]


This is one of the simplest desserts that I know and always looks impressive. Preheat oven to 150C. Beat the whites of 3 large eggs until forming soft peaks and then gradually beat in 6 ounces of caster sugar. Place the mixture in a circle on to a lined baking tray and place in to […]