English wine



It used to be the case that the ultimate insult one could offer a guest, or indeed bring as a gift to a host, would be English wine. However, it has been the case for some years that English wine has really excelled in certain areas, notably in the local version of Champagne, where it sparkles. Nevertheless, the stuff is still finding it hard to shake of its image as the laughing stock of the vinicultural world.

This semi-dry English white wine called ‘Flint Dry’ by Chapeldown is really rather good. It was actually served for the royal wedding. I did not realise this until writing this blog, and it was certainly not my reason for purchase – indeed I did not even purchase this bottle. The stuff is quite good, it’s around 8 quid a bottle and you could do a lot worse.

One more thing that the English do better than the French? Well, maybe not quite.


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