What the kids do in summer



Despite it being only March, it feels like it will soon be summer in Cambridge. The sun comes out more often than not, and when it does, the temperature rises dramatically. Above is a picture of the place where sixth-form students like to go for celebrations after they’ve finished their A-levels, so long as it’s sunny, which, in this picture, ironically, it is not particularly. You will notice that this is a regular event, given the number of bins, and that they produce plenty of rubbish. They also quite like to have barbecues, leaving little patches of ash on the ground, where once there was grass, although that is decreasingly the case thanks to Sainsbury’s easier to use and cheaper alternative: the tray-barbecue. (I recommend the bigger ones, as the smaller ones don’t get so hot and don’t last nearly as long.) I suppose the smaller, local Tesco shops will be stocking them again soon.

It is always an excellent sight, seeing people celebrating their results and thinking about the potentially magnificent future they could have, aside from enjoying a few beers with their friends, which can be obtained (in plastic pint-sized cups) from ‘The Mill’ pub, right next to the green. Punts go past, ducks eat what bread you’ll throw at them, and occasionally a swan goes by, sometimes at that time of year, with its line of cygnets (from the Latin word for swan: ‘cygnus’). I can’t help but think that biologists must become very confused quite frequently with this method of naming animals: Kingdom: Animalia; Phylum: Chordata; Class: Aves; Order: Anseriformes; Family: Anatidae; Subfamily: Anserinae; Genus: Cygnus.

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