Vicarious vice


bobnbonAs I’m not drinking at the moment, to keep a clear head for academic purposes, when a friend ordered a ‘Bon-Bon’ cocktail at B, Cambridge, I took the merest sip, to taste, as it was a new cocktail to me. The flavour was quite remarkable – mostly marzipan, but with sweet lemon, too. Their ingredients list reads like this: ‘Stolichnaya vanilla vodka, shaken with butterscotch Schnapps, vanilla sugar and lemon juice.’ Clearly, you should be at least willing to pander to your sweet tooth before you order one, at £6.95. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and having looked it up on the Internet, I noticed that most others do it with limoncello instead, I guess, of the sugar and separate lemon juice (and, presumably adding to the alcohol content!). It was good served over ice in a short glass, and probably a good swelteringly-hot garden party drink (drunk slowly, as it packs quite a punch).

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Paul studied computer science and theoretical physics for his degree from Trinity College, Cambridge and later did post-graduate studies in International Finance. He is a concert-grade classical pianist and likes to play Rachmaninov. He reads so long as the book is interesting, and never if it isn't (even if it's on his academic course) and does crosswords when he’s not socializing, and often even when he is. He maintains a keen interest in mentalism (think 'Derren Brown') to the point of researching enough for a book or two, and is currently starting a company that he hopes will be as stimulating a challenge in the coming years as he's found it so far. He also gives the company permission to make him insanely wealthy in the process.


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