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bagelsThat it may be, but it was still excellent. A friend and I were out enjoying the weather and window-shopping for a netbook, when we realised it was quite late and we ought to continue the fun and dine out. (Another cunning way shops staying open until 8pm make you spend more…)

His ex-gym (Greens, Cambridge) was close by, and he recalled that they served light meals in their atrium, so we popped in there. There was a surprisingly long list of different sort of salads and sandwiches, and I opted for a smoked salmon bagel. There was a selection of bagels, with different flours and different levels of grain. Being a health place, I thought it would be silly not to choose brown flour, with as much granary stuff as possible, and I’m glad I did.

It came with an excellent crunch from the toasting process, and a thin layer of cream cheese. To this, I added black pepper and a tiny amount of salt from the table’s dispensers. It was just filling enough. With it, I drank sparkling mineral water, whilst my friend enjoyed a chicken wrap with Appletise, which he seemed to enjoy, although he later ate dessert elsewhere whilst we mulled over the window shopping’s conclusions.

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