Pulp included


smoked-salmonToday, I awoke to a fridge with the last meal-sized portion of smoked salmon left over. I took a very thin slice of crust from the end of a granary loaf, coated it with olive oil spread, then lay the smoked salmon slices on top. I added a hint of freshly-ground, black pepper, then spread a little plain yoghurt on top. On top of this, I put four thick-sliced pieces of cucumber, then took a slice of lemon from near the middle of the fruit. I squeezed it over the top of the arrangement, then noticed that the pulp that had provided the juice was relatively free from the pith, and easily separated into its segments. Therefore, I added these to the top and finished off with more pepper. Absolutely fantastic, with extra zing from the pulpy bits of lemon. This reminds me of Madsen’s trick with a tiny number of granules of sugar on berry-fruits, each of which gives a distinctly noticeable, albeit brief, burst of sweetness.

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