This “so-called recession”



So, for telling us that we’d never had it so good, Lord Young resigned from the government. My memory may be failing me, but I don’t remember having foie gras for breakfast before the recession started, so I’d contest that – certainly when it came to Saturday’s breakfast, I had indeed never had it so good.

Obviously, someone had heard I like foie gras, as I was given this as a gift. First things first though: bread. I’m still making my own (except for toast, when I buy a white loaf and freeze it) from the Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day concept. The taste and texture of the doughs I’ve made has improved over time. This particular one was a simple mix of plain white and wholemeal flour. I pulled a lump out of the fridge, shaping it into a flat shape with flour before placing it on a floured non-stick tray (actually, the base of loose-based cake tin). In it went to a preheated gas mark 9 for about 10 minutes. Whilst it cooked, I fried the foie gras in slices. I did it in two batches, turning each piece after a couple of minutes and draining the copious quantities of oil produced. I drained the cooked pieces on kitchen paper before inserting them into the sandwich.

With a glass of orange juice, it made a delicious – if decadent – late breakfast!


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