Feta mousse

I was intrigued by the feta mousse, offered  as a starter at London’s Carlton Club at lunchtime. It certainly looked artistic! Cubes of feta cheese-flavoured mousse were decorated with pomegranate seeds, strips of beetroot of various colours, and some thin strips of red something-or-other. It was good, with the fruit’s sweetness complementing the acid of […]

Fishworks fish

At Fishworks in Swallow Street I sometimes eat the monkfish, but more often it’s their fish and chips. Their menu describes it as “Lyme Bay cider battered prime cod fillet with double cooked chips, Cornish sea salt, minted mushy peas and fresh gherkins and baby capers,” but it’s good old-fashioned fish and chips. The batter […]

Terry’s chocolate orange

It’s been a UK staple for 85 years (since 1932). Terry’s chocolate orange is a ball-shaped assembly of orange flavoured chocolate segments. You tap the ball at one end and the segments fall apart. Production was moved to Poland after the York factory closed in 2005. It’s a great gift for children, but many adults […]

IDS ice-cream

Les Deux Salons is a rather nice brasserie just off Trafalgar Square. It does a range of mostly French-style dishes. Their onglet steaks are pretty good, chunky instead of thin, and served with rather good chips. The ice-cream was a puzzle, though. The initials IDS were on the accompanying wafer. Surely not in honour of […]

Not quite champagne and caviar

The “champagne” is vintage cava, which is actually better than the cheaper champagnes, and quite a good deal better than prosecco. But it must be vintage cava. I usually buy it when it’s reduced to about £7 for a 75cl bottle. The ‘caviar’ is Onuga, a created name designed to call to mind Beluga and […]

Cork & Bottle cheeses

The Cork & Bottle wine bar just off London’s Leicester Square has long been known for its food.  Their raised ham & cheese pie has been a legend for 4 decades.  Their selection of cheeses is outstanding, with hard, soft and blue cheeses, plus sheep and goat’s cheeses as well.  Very highly recommended.

Greek finger food

I was at a conference in Delphi, where they served a buffet lunch.  There was a selection of Greek dishes.  I chose a ham and cheese crepe, a spinach and ricotta puff pastry, herb infused chicken on a skewer, and pieces of sheep’s milk cheese.  It wasn’t actually finger food, but since I had to […]