Lamb salad

The lamb slices were left over from a roast lamb dinner. They were lightly sprinkled with rock salt and served with mint jelly alongside. The salad was quite high protein, in that it contained a boiled egg, cheese and pecan nuts in addition to iceberg lettuce, spring onions, Vittoria tomatoes, sunflower seeds and pine nuts. […]

Roast potatoes and toast

The latest food scare is about overcooked roast potatoes and burnt toast.  The Food Standards Agency warn that acrylamide produced by such foods could increase cancer risks in humans, although mice rather than humans were studied in the research David Spiegelhalter, Professor of the Public Understanding of Risk at the new Winton Centre for Risk […]


It is somewhat like a quiche without the pastry.  I whisked up four eggs with three big spoons of cream and half a mug of goat’s milk.  I poured enough to cover the base of the dish, then added 2 chopped rashers of cooked bacon (soft, Canadian style), plus chopped onion, green pepper and mushrooms. […]

French breakfast

At Cote they called it a French breakfast.  It looked remarkably like an English breakfast.  There was scrambled eggs – two of them – plus bacon and mushroom.  There was also black pudding, though they called it boudin noir, a French blood sausage.  The bread was different, though.  Instead of fried bread or (my preference) […]