Goose for Christmas

Goose used to be traditional in England.  In Victorian times working class people would join goose clubs, paying a penny a week so they could enjoy a Christmas goose.  It is gamier and moister than turkey, and much tastier.  Mine weighed 11 pounds and fed 4 people 2 meals each.  It took 3 hours 15 […]

Christmas nuts

There’s a crucial difference between nuts you crack yourself, be they walnuts, brazils or hazelnuts, and the pre-shelled ones that come in packets.  It is that the shop-bought shelled ones tend to dry out and are much less oily, and it is the oiliness of fresh-cracked nuts that constitutes much of their appeal.  Note that […]


This Christmas treat never featured in my childhood Christmases.  I think it’s become popular fairly recently.  It’s a German fruit bread with chopped candied fruit, nuts and spices.  This one from M&S came bristling with nuts, maybe too many, instead of the more traditional powdered sugar, and I couldn’t detect any marzipan, which I expect […]

Christmas pudding

I never make Christmas pudding myself because there are so many good ones on sale.  Among the best is Fortnum & Mason’s St James Pudding, packed with fruit and spices.  I microwave it and pour rum over it to light it up before serving.  I have it with brandy butter or sometimes white sauce or […]

Chocolate cherry liquer

I’m rather fond of chocolate liqueurs. I like the combination of the sweet chocolate outside and the sharpness of the drink inside.  It seems silly that I need to have approval to buy these.  I think a youngster would be likely to die of obesity long before they became tipsy on the booze in them. […]

Punt Yard pizza

There’s a great new place at Quayside in Cambridge.  It’s called the Punt Yard, and they sell Pizza by the yard!  I could only manage a quarter yard (which comes circular) of their Loose Cannon pizza.  It was absolutely delicious and obviously home made.  Highly recommended…