Turkey quiche

What do you do with the Thanksgiving leftovers?  You make a turkey quiche!  Pastry from plain flour, bran and goose fat – very succulent.  Line with cheese, then chopped yellow and red peppers, pieces of turkey, Italian seasoning, egg and goats milk.  A 170 oven for 40 minutes and there it is.  I ate it […]

Turkey and peppers pie

I browned chunks of turkey breast on the stove top in a little oil.  Into the dish they went with chopped up red and yellow peppers on top.  I added gravy made from chicken gravy granules and a sprinkling of Italian herbs.  The pie was top crust only, with a rolled out sheet of puff […]

Dumplings and schnitzel at Daquise

Daquise is a Polish restaurant near South Kensington tube station in London.  It is very good and reasonably priced, and their menu has several excellent Polish dishes.  This time I began with the pierogi, dumplings with various fillings – meat, cheese/potato/onion, and cabbage.  Really appetising.  I went on to enjoy veal schnitzel topped with a […]

Lamb, peach and ginger pie

It’s a dish I’ve cooked before, and it always works.  I sear the pieces of lamb in a pan on the stove top.  It goes into the pie dish with a peach chopped up into about half inch pieces.  I add a level spoon of ginger to the gravy granules, using a light gravy intended […]