Chorizo and sausage flatbread

The Blue Water poolside bar & restaurant on the 5th floor of the Miami InterContinental hotel is very pleasant with fantastic views of the bay area.  There is a light menu that features ‘flatbreads’ which are quite like small pizzas.  I had one with chorizo and sausage topping and found it very good.  It was […]

Apple pancake for breakfast

In the US they mix sweet and savoury more happily than we are used to, and it often works.  My breakfast at the JFK Hilton included an apple pancake as well as scrambled eggs, sausage and bacon.  The pancake was good, with some texture to the apples.  With a trickle of maple syrup on it, […]

Goose egg omelet

I used my goose egg in an omelet.  I sauteed chopped onion and courgette in a little oil in a pan with the lid on.  I hand-whisked the goose egg and poured it into a very hot pan with just a dab of butter.  In traditional style I used a wooden spoon to move the […]

Cooking a goose egg

Wow!  I’m looking forward to cooking this goose egg.  I occasionally buy them from a street stall near the Grafton Centre mall.  Their chemistry differs from that of a hen’s egg, and their taste is fuller and gamier.  I sometimes make an omelet from them, sometimes a quiche.  One egg feeds two.  I’ll report back […]

Prawn and pepper quiche

Often when I hold a barbecue I use the leftovers in a quiche next day. I had prawns and peppers in this case, so I made a pastry with 4 oz plain flour, a heaped spoon of oat bran, and 2 oz of goose fat. I lined a quiche dish and covered the bottom with […]

Oblix at the Shard

Oblix on the 32nd floor of London’s Shard tower has magnificent views on London, plus some very good food.  I ate crab cakes and blackened cod, though the place prides itself on its steaks, which it displays in a glass case just inside the door.  There’s no way, however, that I’m going to pay £72 […]