Dinner at the Northall: Puds

  Though these two desserts didn’t really work together in total harmony, they were both divinely decadent. On the right is a rasperry smear with vanilla ice cream and little blobs of meringue. I am a great believer in the elegance of small plate dining but I would have been very happy for them to sacrifice […]

Dinner at the Northall: Mains

  For the main I had the hake with mussels, beans and velouté sauce. The fish was perfectly cooked: soft and flaky without losing its structure, and the crispy skin was marvellous. I would have liked more mussels as they added a more pungent note of the sea to the dish, but with the deep flavour […]

Dinner at the Northall: Starter

Madsen and I went for a delicious three-course dinner at the Northall restaurant at the Corinthia Hotel on Whitehall Place a few weeks ago and it was so marvellous I have decided to write a post for each course. The menu included a glass of Laurrent-Perrier non-vintage which had a delightful biscuity flavour and was […]