Stuffed tomatoes with minted peas

I bought the biggest beef tomatoes I could find on the market, sliced the tops off and scooped out most of the insides, but leaving a wall thick enough to hold the filling.  I seasoned the insides with salt and then garlic, and set the tomato cases upside down for half an hour to allow […]

Coq d’Argent (part three)

  For dessert we moved to the terrace and my friend had the cheese which came with grapes, biscuits and chutney. Neither of us managed to eat the extremely pungent stilton, though I had a good crack at it. On the table’s horizon you can see my mound of chantilly cream flecked with flakes of […]

Coq d’Argent (part two)

  My friend and I both chose the duck leg braised in duck stock and olives for our main. The taste was intense and delicious. Wonderfully sticky meat fell meltingly from the bone and the bed of cabbage was perfectly cooked. The fondant potato was scrummy, too. All in all it was a marvellous French […]

Coq d’Argent (part one)

Last week I had dinner with a photographer friend at Cod d’Argent at 1 Poultry just across from Bank station. The restaurant has gained a reputation as the Beachy Head of London with a few notable instances of diners flinging themselves from the fifth floor terrace. Whatever their reasons might have been, it certainly wasn’t […]