A plough-person’s lunch

This was actually quite a good ploughman’s lunch at the Loose Box on London’s Horseferry Road.  When I asked them they obligingly replaced the white bread with brown.  The tomato had been lightly grilled but was correctly served cold.  The chutney was very tasty and the greens were nice and fresh.  The butter was slightly […]

Yet more things to do with parma ham and cheese

  In this instance I grilled cheese, topped with sweet chilli chutney and wrapped in prosciutto parcels served up with toast and garlic vinaigrette. It’s the third time I’ve listed this dish but each is slightly different in presentation and the type of cheese used. It just goes to show how many things you can […]

Playing around with my croque monsieur

  I bought a little extra hot mexicana cheese today and thought I’d try it out with prosciutto and a garlic vinaigrette as a variation on my croque monsieur. The vinaigrette has to be quite pungent to stand up to the cheese full of chillies, but it went well. I would probably melt the cheese […]

Creme brûlée

  To me a dessert means one thing: fruit or custard. This French classic is based around my favourite of the two. Custard is so simple to make, simply remember the ratio of 100ml cream per egg yolk and just eyeball the sugar (If in doubt I always find it’s better to err on the […]