The end of an era as St Stephen’s closes

This is finally it.  St Stephen’s Club in Westminster closes its doors for the last time at the end of the month.  It had a small but devoted following as the only club in the area, and certainly the nearest one to Parliament.  It closed as a club in December, but remained open for functions.  […]

Roast Beef with Port and Dijon Sauce

When staying with friends I think it is only polite to cook. This crossed the line from manners to obsequiousness, though, because it was so absolutely scrummy. I sealed the beef and then roasted it until pink and moist. Then, while it was resting, I set-to making the sauce. I added shallots and garlic to […]

Good old dependable fish and chips

As fast food goes, fish and chips probably predates the hamburger.  The first fish and chip shop was opened in London in 1860 by Joseph Malin, though a blue plaque at Oldham stakes an earlier claim.  The dish was a staple in the working class diet, made possible by the use of trawlers to fish […]

Ingram’s dinner in Selwyn College

The outgoing chairman of CUCA always holds a dinner in college near the end of his or her term in office.  Ingram held his in Selwyn College.  It started with a cava reception, then we moved across into the hall for the meal itself.  It began with chargrilled chicken salad, and went on to pan-fried […]

Making a moussaka

Gosh.  It’s been nearly 15 months since I posted on the food blog.  I’ve enjoyed reading Robert’s posts since he revived it.  Then he asked if I’d like to post myself from time to time.  Why not?  I just made a moussaka with a few short-cuts, not in the Delia ‘cheat’ league, but very convenient […]