A different kind of birthday cake

And a different kind of quiche! The word ‘quiche’ originally comes from a Lorraine word for cake, so though it might seem like an unusual choice for a birthday, it’s what I’ve had for the last few years (as I don’t have much of a sweet tooth). Mum stumbled upon this recipe which substitutes pastry […]

No port left!

What is better than a chocolate cake? Chocolate cake with acoholic icing. This was one of two delicious birthday treats made by my mother and for this one she steeped stawberries in port and blended them up with icing sugar to make a gorgeously sloppy, sweet, fruity-boozy topping. Fresh strawberries finished it off a treat!

Easy as a gently-blowing breeze

For Christmas I received a culinary blow torch. This was my first chance to try it out. Creme brulee is considered a tricky dessert (as are most simple desserts). It’s so simple if it didn’t taste so good it would be boring. Using one egg for each ramekin you’re using and three fluid ounces of […]