A word on a scrummy wine

It’s hard not to like red wine. It’s impossible when that wine is a gift. This is a lovely tipple with plenty of body from Cabard├Ęs which is the only formal appelation permitted to blend Bordeaux with Mediterranean grapes. It drinks very well (and quickly in my case) and is best drunk young, within two […]

Avocado breakfast

Apologies for the rather dubious quality of the photograph, I was using the laptop camera. It seems photobooth takes a mirror-image snap. I haven’t the faintest idea why, but it does make it look like I’m back-to-front with my cutlery. Credit to my friend Lawrence Calver for the inspiration for this one. (I say inspiration. […]

Norman wisdom

There are few things I enjoy more than making something delicious out of leftovers. We had a chicken fillet, mashed potato, spring cabbage and even gravy to use up. I couldn’t believe my piggy little eyes. A few onions got fried with some garlic and the potato and cabbage followed them shortly after to make […]

Medicinal scram

I have just got back from a busy week in London and am feeling worse for wear with a terrible cough. So I resolved to eat something with lots of garlic. Thus, the centrepiece for today’s Sunday roast was a chicken breast that I scored, stuffed with huge chunks of the blessed aliol, and rubbed […]

Eggs benedict with bacon-infused hollandaise

Not the prettiest picture in the world, but a very scrummy breakfast indeed. Infusing hollandaise with the flavour of bacon is no easy feat, but with lots of lemon makes for a really delicious sauce. I made the hollandaise in the usual way by putting an egg yolk and a little vinegar and lemon juice […]

Eggs two ways

Inspired by seeing Julie & Julia the other day I decided to try Julia Child’s method of making an omelette by swirling it round the pan, then violently jerking it into shape before tipping platewise. As you can see from my picture (which is mysteriously glowing) I failed. My omelette cooked too much on the […]