Monsters from the deep

Good morning gastronauts! I speed off to Manchester later today, so just time for a quick post before I embarrass myself at New Year celebrations by drinking too much calvados. My camera has gone AWOL so apologies for not snapping what I made. I attach what remains of my mayonnaise which I made according to […]

Making up for lost calories

In my last post I alluded to having overcompensated for the vegan cake by making my own Irish cream. A few words of warning: don’t operate heavy machinery after a couple of these. I mixed 2 fl. oz. whisky with about 100ml of cream and added a shot of coffee liqueur. I mixed it up […]

Let them eat cake. Vegan cake.

Okay, so Marie Antoinette most likely said ‘let them eat brioche’, and frankly had the pre-revolution French proletariat been faced with this stodgy-looking cake they might have opted for bread even given the choice. However, it wasn’t nearly as bad as it looks. As I’m having a (broadly) vegan Christmas I used this slightly mad […]

Crumpets, cheese and chutney

My family are vegans. As you can tell from all of that cheese, I am not. However, that does mean that all sorts of charming foodstuffs fill the fridge, not least Fry’s French Garlic Polony, a vegan alternative to slicing sausage. It’s really delicious and for supper (which according to my body clock is breakfast) […]

A very fishy dinner indeed!

First off I have to say shame on myself. Not only is a paupiette much more conventional – and frankly better – when done with sole (Dover sole is the nicest, especially when caught from deep, cold waters) and haddock is brutally overfished. So that’s two counts of shame. However, my local Sainsbury’s only had […]

They’re baaaack!

Hello interwebbers! It has been almost a year, but Another Food Blog is back with fresh, new stuff to satiate your gastronomic yearnings. I’m Robert Hainault, student, composer and full-time foodie. Madsen has asked me to take the helm and steer our ship to yummy yet again, so stay tuned for plenty of foodie ramblings, […]