Deeper dish quiche

It’s been some time since I made a quiche, so I thought I’d do one in a deeper dish than usual.  I used a foil dish instead of my ceramic quiche dish.  First the pastry, shortcrust of plain flour, bran and flora.  Then the cheese, strong cheddar to line it.  Then chopped onions and mushrooms.  […]

Pinot noir and nibbles

I may have overdosed on cheese.  We preceded the port tasting at the Cork and Bottle with some Cooper’s Creek pinot noir and a cheeseboard selection. Then when the food came to accompany the ports, it also turned out to be a cheese selection with French bread.  And since one of us was lactose intolerant, […]

Port tasting at the Cork and Bottle

This month’s wine tasting featured different types of port.  We began with a Dow’s white port whose taste was rich with honey and nut tones.  The second was a Graham’s late bottled vintage, which was strong with jam and red fruit tastes, and a slightly peppery finish. It would be good with chocolates.  Our third […]


Returning to the Abbey, I did try the gammon my companion ordered last week, the one I thought looked really good.  It was amazingly salty – indeed, too much so.  I also prefer my eggs with the top spooned, like the one a week ago.  And I ate about a quarter of the fries. The […]

Duck egg and coil

The scallops were unavailable, so I had the poached duck egg with parsley sauce and spinach on toast.  I like duck eggs because their flavour is more intense than a hen’s egg.  This was good. My companion could not resist trying the roast bone marrow with tomato, red onion and parsley relish.  It came on […]

Pikesville rye

Wow! This was something completely different.  I wanted a whisky and water after  a meal, and saw Pikesville rye whisky.  This is obviously not a Scottish malt, nor even a bourbon.  A rye whisky?  With 50 percent water added, it became a pleasant sip, with a slightly spicy taste that Scotch does not do.  Not […]

Chairman’s dinner in Pembroke

I was back in my old college for a dinner in the Old Library at Pembroke College, Cambridge.  We used to hold our graduate dinners there every month.  This occasion was the CUCA Chairman’s dinner, held towards the end of term.  We began with a champagne reception, then sat down to chestnut soup with truffle […]

Inexpensive lunch

It was quite appetizing, but not very pricey.  The salmon was from Sainsbury’s ‘basics’ range, and consisted of three salmon fillets, one somewhat misshapen, for about £4.50.  Make that £1.50 per salmon fillet.  I wrapped one in cling-film and microwaved it for just under a minute, until it all turned bright pink with no raw […]

Pre St Andrews Day

The light wasn’t very good, so neither are the photos, but the food and drink were very good, which is what matters.  It was a pre St Andrews Day dinner at Queens’ College by the Cambridge group of St Andrews alumni.  St Andrews, along with Edinburgh and Cambridge, features among my almae matres.  After the […]

Tomato soup and gammon

We needed a quick early lunch at the Abbey, so I opted for the soup of the day with crusty bread.  It was a tangy tomato soup with croutons.  The soup was very tasty indeed, but the croutons were just partly toasted bread, and were rather pointless. My companion had the gammon, egg and chips.  […]

Thanksgiving turkey

I celebrate Thanksgiving, even though it’s an American festival and I live in Britain.  I don’t go to town on it as some Americans do, but keep it fairly simple.  First comes New England clam chowder, usually with champagne.  The main course is roast turkey with chestnut stuffing, accompanied by sweet potatoes, garden peas and […]

Back at the Mekong

It’s been far too long since I ate Vietnamese at the Mekong, a place I’ve been going to for many years.  It was almost like a lap of honour, in that we started with the fragrant crispy duck between three of us.  There was actually more duck than was needed to fill the pancakes, so […]