Halloween party

I was at a Halloween party dressed as a Dungeons and Dragons character.  The food was unbelievably good, and the photo shows only a small part of it.  There were many different cheeses, plus many Halloween cakes.  I thought the spooky meringues looked cute – crisp outside, soft and chewy inside.  And the pumpkin cake […]

Leftover mushroom lunch

I wanted to use up the surplus mushrooms before they turned, so decided to sauté them for lunch.  I rough chopped them, including the stalks, added garlic, and cooked them lightly in a mixture of olive oil and butter.  I turned the heat off and let them stand just for a minute with the lid […]

Cannelloni con Ricotta

I returned from Scotland to Cambridge and picked out La Margherita on Magdalene Street.  I wanted something warm and filling, so I chose cannelloni con ricotta, rolls of pasta filled with spinach and ricotta cheese, and baked with a béchamel and cheese sauce.  It was completely delicious, and I drank the house Sicilian red alongside.  […]

Walker’s Scottish biscuits

I didn’t come back empty handed from Scotland. I brought back a box of Walker’s Scottish biscuit assortment for others to enjoy.  It contains five varieties.  There is regular chocolate chip, Belgian chocolate chunk, chocolate chunk and hazelnut, oat and cranberry, and white chocolate and raspberry biscuits.  They are baked at Aberlour in Speyside (also […]

Very good value from M&S

Marls and Spencer are offering a range of £10 “Dine in” meals for two.  The deal is that you pick a main course, a side dish and a dessert, all from a range of several options.  You similarly pick a bottle of wine from several choices, and the whole lot costs just £10.  It is […]

Breakfast in Rusacks

I woke up in Rusacks Hotel to see the 18th green of the St Andrews Old Course outside my window, and behind it the Royal and Ancient clubhouse.  I had quite a light breakfast of poached eggs on toast. They were delivered hot and soft to my table, which is quite difficult to do.  Before […]

Thai in St Andrews

After my meeting at the International Politics Association of the University of St Andrews, the committee took me for dinner to the Nahm-Jim, a restaurant in Market Steet which serves both Thai and Japanese food.  In 2010 it was a finalist in the Gordon Ramsay restaurant of the year competition.  We shared a plate of […]

Quiche on East Coast

I travelled up to St Andrews on the East Coast line.  It took 5 hours and 23 minutes, and there was in-seat catering during the journey.  We received tea, coffee, sandwiches, and a choice, if we wished, of a warm quiche with salad.  It was not bad, with cheese and peppers and quite good pastry.  […]

Sliced up pizza

I picked up the habit of asking for a pizza to be served sliced when I order it.  It makes them easier to eat or to share.  This was La Reine pizza at Pizza Express, featuring prosciutto cotto ham, mushrooms, olives, and onions as well as mozzarella and tomato.  It’s a good combination of tastes, […]

Awana have Malaysian

Awana is a Malaysian restaurant in Chelsea. I went there for my birthday the other day. I started with a spicy (as hell, in a delicious way) soup which contained unusual clusters of mini fungi (pictured). The soup really was lovely. I followed it with a noodle dish. Lovely flavours, can’t fault it. The wine […]

Sample this

The Sampler is great, located in South Kensington. Where else can you have small glass of a 1970 Rioja? The sample has vacuum sealed wine dispensers, with everything from £4 a glass Montrachet through to £50 a glass Margaux. I spent a pleasant hour in there drinking things I wouldn’t normally get the opportunity to, a relatively […]

Caxton Grill

Three of us tried out lunch at the revamped Caxton Grill at the St Ermin’s Hotel near St James Park tube station.  The pumkin seed encrusted goat’s cheese with beetroot was a very good starter. I chose the fishcake from the ‘fast’ menu, and thought it pretty well what a fishcake should be like – […]