Champagne at the Footman

I discovered the Only Running Footman while I was attending a seminar nearby, and popped in the first time out of curiosity.  I had about half an hour to wait before my seminar, so I ordered a glass of champagne.  I was surprised when it cost £12.95, which seemed very high!  In mitigation, it was […]

Fritto at FishWorks

My dining companion wanted fish, and I wanted to eat only lightly.  The solution was to eat at FishWorks in Swallow Street.  We shared a wooden platter of assorted seafood starters, of which I ate a couple of whitebait.  For my main course I chose fritto misto, and managed to give away about a quarter […]

Lunch at the Only Running Footman

I was visiting Charles Street in Mayfair, and came across the Only Running Footman quite by chance.  It looked good, so I arranged to meet a friend for lunch there on the following day.  I ordered the poached smoked haddock, which came with Colcannon potatoes (nicely firm), poached egg (superbly soft) and hollandaise sauce.  The […]

Canapés at the Cork and Bottle

I attended a wine tasting at the Cork & Bottle, this one devoted to wines from Southern France, and pretty unusual ones.  Xander, who also writes on this blog, was there, too, and will probably cover the wines.  I’ll just point out that the canapés we were served with the wines looked pretty good, and […]

Crispy duck menu

Two of us stopped off at the London China Town in Gerrard Street, Soho. It still has the words “Hotel de Boulogne” set in tiles on the floor of its entrance, and reflecting a previous life of the building.  I’ve been before, and I remember eating the special ‘crispy duck menu’ which is very good […]

Spare ribs at Slug

I never really thought of eating spare ribs at the Slug and Lettuce; it seems rather a heavy dish for lunch.  But I ate a small piece from the plate of my lunchtime companion and found it very tasty.  Looking at the quantity, and mentally subtracting the bones, maybe there isn’t all that much meat. […]

Seafood at Prezzo

I suppose it says a lot for the (still relatively) new Prezzo at Cambridge’s Quayside that you often cannot get in unless you have booked or are prepared for a long wait at the Pickerel across the road.  We booked, and I started with the calamari served with garlic mayonnaise.  I went on to have […]

Stovetop hotpot

I used up some of the leftover (somewhat-soft) steaks in a stovetop hotpot.  I boiled sliced carrots for 8 minutes, then added half a pint of beef stock.  In went chopped green pepper and onions, and then courgette slices.  I sautéed mushrooms lightly before adding them.  I seasoned it, and only after it had simmered […]

Soft steak

This was not a great success.  I bought frying steaks and decided to grill them instead.  First I tenderized them using proteolytic enzyme derived from papaya and coconut oil amongst other things.  I sprinkled it on and pricked the steaks with a fork. I fear I misjudged the time for this, however, because the steaks […]

Soup and omelet

I used up the rest of the leek (having kept it sitting in a mug of water to keep it fresh).  I sautéed it briefly, then simmered it in a half pint of liquid made with half a cube of vegetable stock and half one of chicken stock.  I zapped it in a blender, added […]

Scrambled egg and mushrooms

Now which did I want for lunch, eggs or mushrooms?  I decided on both, so I chopped up a large field mushroom and sautéed it with oil, butter and garlic.  I scrambled the eggs with a little milk and oil, resting them for a minute part way through, and adding black pepper.  I toasted a […]