More macerated strawberries

I made another summer pudding and had quite a few strawberries left over.  I was wondering what to do with them when I remembered Jackie’s trick of macerating them in balsamic vinegar.  I hulled and halved them, dribbled balsamic vinegar over the exposed halves, then sprinkled can sugar over them and put them in the […]

Variation on ham, egg and chips

The main variation was that there were no chips.  I fried the gammon slices in butter and oil after thawing them out (following a previous meal).  I fried an egg in the same pan, spooning hot fat over the top so that just the top of the yoke had a thin cloudy layer.  And instead […]

Back to plain

Back in the UK, and feeling the huge temperature gradient after the warmth of the Mediterranean, I opted for fairly simple fare after the huge quantities served in Nice.  I ate smoked salmon with lemon juice and black pepper, alongside scrambled egg on wholemeal toast.  The egg was made fluffier by the ‘Gordon Ramsay minute’ […]

Parmigiana at Attimi

Where there used to be the Bay restaurant at the foot of Place Massena, where the tramway turns toward the Old Town, is now Attimi.  This is an Italian restaurant which features pasta, pizza, plus other traditional Italian dishes.  I chose the parmigiano, whose name ought to mean “from Parma,” but it is in fact […]

Too many whitebait at l’Oustaou

Can you have too much of a good thing?  Yes you can.  I ordered a starter portion of petit fritto misto at l’Oustaou on Nice’s Boulevard Gambetta, expecting a small portion of deep-fried mixed seafood.  I sometimes find that a starter portion is enough for lunch, especially on a hot day.  What came was a […]

Italian at Al Barattolo

Two of us decided to go for some typical Italian Nice cuisine, so settled on Al Barattolo on the Rue Massena in the pedestrian district.  I ordered La Reine pizza, which I saw come out of the brick, wood-fired oven they have at the side of the dining area.  The pastry was thin and crisp, […]


Over in Villefranche for lunch, I was tempted to eat lunch alongside the harbour, as I often do.  A walk through the tiny Old Town, however, had brought me to the Café Jardin, a “restaurant, pizzeria and bar-a-vins.”  On the specials board I saw espadon, or swordfish, which I like a lot, so I retuned […]

Breakfast in Nice

A typical breakfast in Nice involves the morning’s fresh baked croissants and baguettes.  There is ham, and sometimes smoked salmon.  Three or four cheeses feature, usually including Comte and brebis.  Four or five types of honey are involved, with at least one crystalline mountain honey.  The jams and marmalades are of peach, blueberries and strawberries, […]

Portions at Le Quai

Two of us ate at Le Quai, one of the restaurants on Cours Saleya, and an early favourite.  We dined out of doors in the central area used for market stalls before noon, and for restaurant tables thereafter.  I began with the assorted fruits, ordering the starter portion.  It was gigantic, and would have made […]

Kofte wrap in Nice

I flew to Nice over lunchtime, and missed out on a meal.  Feeling slightly hungry in the afternoon, I stopped at one of the pavement cafes that offered sandwiches.  They turned out to be wraps with a very Levantine flavour.  I ordered a kofte sandwich, which came as a wrapped roll of soft tortilla, rather […]

The Jam

The Jam has long been a London institution.  It used to “The King’s Rod Jam,” and is now “Buona Sera – the Jam,” and features the same layout with better food.  The point is that the long, narrow restaurant fits in more tables by having them above the between the ground floor ones, so guests […]

Croft 85

There were several birthday presents on view, but the best by far to my mind was the Croft 1985 vintage port.  It was the icing on the cake, so to speak.  I seem to remember that this has to be decanted very carefully as there is some sediment.  It is worth the trouble, however.