Real food at the Real Greek

This was a first time for me at a restaurant I’ve heard good things about.  The Real Greek is on the South Bank, very close to the Globe Theatre, and they serve Greek food tapas style on cake stands, making economical use of table space.  They serve the cold mezze first, so we ordered watermelon […]

Caracter at Vinopolis

Visitors to London are often surprised to learn about Vinopolis, a commercial centre offering tours dedicated to wine and wine tasting.  It’s on the South Bank, quite near to the Globe Theatre.  A group of us visited its wine bar after a meal nearby and settled on Caracter, a Santa Ana Argentine blend of shiraz […]

Soufflé at Paramount

Seven of us were dining at Paramount with a magnificent view over London.  We began with Billecart Salmon champagne.  Then I ordered double baked roquefort soufflé with endive and pear salad.  It was utterly brilliant.  I followed it by ordering oven baked salt cod, with sweet potato, bok choy, ginger carrots and sweet and sour […]

Two starters

The rain was just starting to signal the end of London’s mini heat wave as we hurriedly stepped into Tiles.  My lunch companion decided to have two starters instead of a main course, and we both ordered the same dishes. We began with the squid, very nicely done is a lovely sweet chili sauce, and […]

Wobbley egg

I ordered the egg and anchovies on brown bread.   The egg was so lightly poached that it wobbled.  I had to use brown bread soldiers to mop it up.  It was excellent, as were the anchovies and bread.

Wairau River

On a very hot and somewhat humid day in London we sat at an outside table to enjoy lunch with a glass of a chilled New Zealand sauvignon blanc.  This was Wairau River, whose name means “many waters” in Maori.  The Rose family which began planting grapes in the 1970s still own and run the […]

Harvard dinner at Emmanuel College

I was a guest at the Harvard Cambridge dinner at Emmanuel College in Cambridge.  It was quite a splendid affair, starting with a champagne reception in the garden hosted by the Master, Lord Wilson. The dinner itself began with smoked chicken concomme with asparagus spears and a poached quail’s egg, something I’ve never seen done […]

A rum banana

I wanted something to finish off my lunch with a slightly sweetish taste, but had no summer pudding left.  I spied a banana and bought it.  I like them ripe enough to mottle the skin, and this one wasn’t at that stage.  When I reached home I sliced it and laid the slices on a […]

Chicken and vegetable hotpot

I lightly browned the chicken breast pieces in oil and butter on the stove top, then added half a mug of chicken stock and seasoning.  Then in went the leek rings, courgette, yellow pepper with a green side to it, onion, and par-cooked carrots.  I added tomato puree, and when it was all evenly mixed, […]

Gelati at Carluccio’s

I do not often eat desserts, and certainly not in the morning, but this time I went with a friend to Carluccio’s.  We ordered Americano coffees, and because my friend wanted gelati, I ordered one as well. I chose the bitter chocolate flavour, but it was by no means bitter.  It was gelati, not regular […]

Pinafore and cava

No, the pinafore was not worn to drink the cava.  It was a performance of Gilbert and Sullivan’s HMS Pinafore performed from punts at the river bank of St John’s College in Cambridge. We sat on chairs in the open and watched a superb entertainment.  Obviously an event such as this calls for some refreshment, […]

Hosting lunch

I had no problems serving lunch to a friend who came round.  I made an omelet from two large eggs, laid out pieces of smoked salmon, cut into pieces of about one inch by half an inch, on one half, sprinkled fresh black pepper over it all, then folded it and served it with cress […]