Chicken thighs

The chicken thighs were skinless and boneless, and were £2 for 4.  I find them quite tasty, and easier to cook moist than chicken breast.  I browned the outsides of two of them quickly in a pan, then put them at the bottom of a casserole dish (I saved the other 2 in the freezer).  […]

Sausages and chardonnay

Sausages do not go with chardonnay, of course, but my dining companion ordered a plateful of scallops at the St John’s Chop House, and Los Espinos Chilean chardonnay looked about right to accompany them. It has a very fresh, clean taste with notes of citrus and tropical fruits, oaked a little, but still with the […]

Apples and cherries

I often use apples as a kind of filler to bulk out the berries in a fruit compote.  That’s because I really like apples.  I really like cherries, too, and this time there were “sweet English cherries” on the market, so I bought half a pound.  I halved and stoned them before putting them in […]

Light lunch of crab

It is really a starter course at the Loose Box, but is filling enough to stand in for lunch.  It is Cornish crab on toast with tiny shrimps and lemon mayonnaise, plus a token garnish of salad.  They asked what type of bread I wanted, so I specified wholemeal and that made it even more […]

The Pass

I found time in Oxford to visit COPA wine bar with its rather good selection.  This time I tried The Pass by Vavasour, a New Zealand sauvignon blanc blended of grapes from both Awatere and Wairau Valleys.  This gives it the aromatic fruit of the latter and the minerally note of the former. It has […]

St Andrews Carlton Club dinner

I was in black tie yet again, this time as guest of honour at a dinner for the St Andrews Conservative Association, past and present.  We were in the Carlton Club, one of London’s most prestigious, and started with drinks in the so-called “Cads’ Bar” before moving into a private room.  We began with smoked […]

Oxford Union dinner

I was in black tie for a debate in the Oxford Union, but first we had a champagne reception and a pre-debate dinner.  The first course was advertised as tuna Nicoise, but did not come shredded or in chunks with a lettuce-based salad as it usually does in Nice.  Instead it came as a more […]

Tapas at Vaults

After the Beer Festival my companion and I felt the need for some very light food, and chanced upon Vaults, with its array of tapas dishes.  The recommended norm of “2-3 dishes per person” would have been way too much, so we ordered 3 between us.  There were king scallops, goat’s cheese tart with a […]

Cambridge Beer Festival 2011

I went to the Cambridge Beer Festival on Jesus Greeen, not far from my house in Cambridge.  There were hundreds of beers to choose from, in addition to the ciders and the mead I tried last year.  This time I sampled 3 bitter ales.  There was a Windsor & Eton Conqueror (5%), Whim’s Flower Power […]

La Reine at Les Jardins

There was time for lunch before my flight back, so I went to Les Jardins du Capitole on the Promenade des Anglais.  I sat, wondering if the volcanic ash cloud would make its way sufficiently far South from Iceland to affect my flight, while I contemplated the menu.  I did not want to rush, so […]

Daube at Nexus

Nexus in the Place Saleya where the market is held each morning is either new or has had an extensive makeover.  We ate out of doors, and I tried one of the day’s specials, the daube Nicoise.  This is basically a beef stew done in a tomato and red wine based cooking sauce, and with […]

Lunch at La Stekia

La Stekia is one of the many restaurants along the pedestrian area of Rue de France as it leads towards the Place Massena.  It has a large menu of mostly Italian-themed dishes.  There is a big selection of pastas and pizzas, but a range of fish and meat dishes as well, and many salads.  Unusually […]