Lobster at Le Saleya

I’d seen magret de canard on their specials blackboard as we passed Le Saleya earlier in the day.  Now as dinner time approached I was tempted.  Three of us popped in for a glass of wine first to Resto, Wine, Notes, then went on to La Saleya.  I had the duck and though it good, […]

One from the Vaults: 30 April 2006

In honour of the anniversary of the anotherfoodblog.com I foraged back in time to find a typical meal in the life of Xander circa 2006. Oh to be an impoverished student again. On this day in April 2006 I wrote: Saturday – must go shopping… Yesterday I ate: 1 lemon, 3 potatoes, 1 tin of […]

A distant wedding celebration

The royal wedding of William and Kate took place while I was in the South of France.  This did not, however, prevent it being celebrated.  I invited a couple of friends who were also visiting Nice to join me for a balcony ‘street party.’  I draped union jack bunting around the balcony, together with a […]

Golden wine seduction

This golden label has been catching my magpie eye for months now. Sitting on the shelf in the co-op and winking at me like a tart in a window in Amsterdam. Regularly priced at £15 I’ve always shied away, knowing that the golden label is probably writing a cheque which the content of the bottle […]

Squid on the harbour

I went to Villefranche with two friends.  We tried for a table at Les Corsaires, but there were none left under sunshades, so we went to Achill’s instead, overlooking the harbour instead of being next to it.  I ordered the calamari, which was very nice indeed and which came with an excellent freshly made tartare […]

Quite a plateful at Chez Freddy

In the Rue Saleya we ate at Chez Freddy.  My two friends had 3-course meals from the day’s ‘menu,’ but I settled for a single plate of fritto misto.  It was enormous.  I ploughed steadily through it, but suppose I managed somewhat less than half of it.  Fortunately it was not wasted, because my friends […]

Roast duck

Half price duck. £8 seemed a fairly reasonable price for a duck, that’s about twice chicken – discounting the  ‘2-for-a-fiver ‘ chickens deemed unethical by the wellington boot brigade. The regular price of £16 for the above pictured duck seems somewhat pricey, at those prices I’d plump for roast lamb every time. However, duck these days […]

Duck baguette

The roast duck from the day before was sliced into small pieces, as were the parsnips and roast potatoes. I ‘freshly baked’ some baguettes. Half-baked baguettes, available in most supermarkets, take about 10 minutes in the oven to become fresh, warm, crusty and delicious baguettes which make a mockery of the saying that something is […]

Non-stick frittata

Frittatas are notorious for sticking to the pan and involving much cleaning and scouring afterwards.  This is why I always use baking parchment to line the pan – no cleaning, no scouring.  This frittata had three large eggs, two dessert spoons of ‘thick’ cream (crème epaisse), one of yoghurt, and about half a cup of […]

Pistachio ice-cream

It’s not something I would have thought of buying for myself, but quite often friends who stay in my flat leave interesting stuff in the fridge or freezer.  I found this Casino crème glacee a la pistache, or pistachio ice-cream. Crucially it has “morceaux de pistaches,” or pieces of chopped up nuts in it to […]

No two quiches are quite the same

This is especially true when you make them, as I sometimes do, as a way of using up food before it goes off.  In this case I had just arrived in Nice, and made a short-crust pastry of flour and sunflower spread.  Inside went comte cheese (after the mouldy bits had been cut off), then […]


I hardly ever have desserts when I eat out, though I quite often cook my own.  I’m usually too full for sticky and sweet things, though I often manage cheese and biscuits.  This not very good photo is of sticky toffee pudding served (I think) at the Slug & Lettuce in London.  It’s not as […]