Creamy seafood stew

This time I made it without tomato paste or red peppers.  There was no actual cream, but I did use crème fraiche and a little cornflour.  Otherwise it was very like my peppery tomato seafood stew, but white instead of red.  Again I used king prawns, mussels, squid, scallops, smoked haddock pieces, cod pieces and […]

Revisiting Teri-aki in Cambridge

It’s quite some time since I was there, but a visiting friend suggested it as a lunch rendezvous.  It’s as good as ever.  We began with Bohigas brut cava while we deliberated, then I ordered char-grilled salmon steak with teriyaki sauce and seafood tempura, including prawns, scallops and squid.  My visiting friend mistakenly conveyed this […]

Ventisquero pinot noir

This was a Chilean Casablanca Valley pinot noir at 13.5 percent, and was agreeably good.  I found myself wondering if the Chileans are planning to take on the New Zealanders with quality pinot noirs?  I saw some tasting notes on this that suggested the flavour of tulips.  Since I don’t eat all that many tulips, […]

Peppery seafood stew with everything

I used leftover seafood which included king prawns, squid, scallops, mussels, smoked haddock pieces, cod pieces and mackerel pieces.  I cooked these lightly in half a pint of fish stock from a cube, then added tomato paste from a jar of Sainsbury’s basics pasta sauce.  I put a few squeezes of tomato purée in with […]

Fairly standard seafood lunch

The only unusual feature was that I had the poached salmon hot, but with a cold salad.  It was not done for any other reason than that I didn’t have time to let the salmon cool.  I microwaved it wrapped in film for about a minute, then served it with a salad made using leaves […]

Dining in style at the East India Club

There were three of us for dinner in the East India Club.  One feature of the club is that it usually has plenty of young people around.  There is a special J7 membership for youngsters from Britain’s leading schools.  The Club offers 7 years of membership, usually from 18 to 25 for a total cost […]

Gin, Champagne, Margaux and Sleep

Went to have a few drinks with a friend, started with gin and tonic while the champagne chilled in the fridge and then drank the champagne as the Margaux breathed. It was a good little catch-up, cigars and G&T with Human Planet on in the background, discussed a whole range of interesting topics and learnt […]

Ask in Oxford

Wanting to eat fairly quickly ahead of an event in Oxford, we popped into Ask in George Street.  The first two items I ordered were unavailable, so I settled for the Terrina Mediterranea.  It is described as a “hearty casserole of chicken breast and king prawns, baked in a rich tomato sauce with butter beans, […]

Real sausages and shiraz

Following my unfortunate encounter with Sainsbury’s ‘Basics’ sausages, I felt like some real ones.  Lunching at the Old Monk’s Exchange in Strutton Ground, next door to the pub where the Goon Show cast used to hang out, I chose the sausages and mash.  They were good pork sausages, which I assisted with a liberal helping […]

Dinner at the Chuen Cheng Ku

The red neon lights and the decorative dragon above the front portico attracted us.  The trolleys which marked their all-day dim sum now stop at 6pm, but after that there is a laminated menu with pictures of the various dumpling dishes you might want to order.  We went for steamed dumplings with minced pork and […]

The Preto buffet

Two things always amaze me about Preto in Wilton Road.  First are the meats, of course.  They bring an endless success of joints to your table and carve off slices: beef, sirloin, pork, lamb, chicken, ham, sausages, etc., etc.  It simply goes on until you turn your circular marker over from green to red.  The […]

Crispy duck in Chinatown

The New Year lanterns had been taken down and were lying in great piles in the street.  Feeling like eating some fragrant crispy duck, three of us went to the London Chinatown in Gerrard Street. Its foyer suggests its previous ancestry as the Hotel de Boulogne. I loved the little homilies in Chinese, especially this […]