Carpineto Dogajolo Toscano

I was given a bottle of this Tuscan red, but the ‘bottle’ was 1.5 litres, or in other words a magnum.  It’s a deep red wine made with a blend of different grapes, sangiovese up to 70 percent, and cabernet and other varieties up to 30 percent. The grapes are fermented separately since they ripen […]

With added blueberries

I made a fruit compote of apples and plums, but this time I added blueberries.  While the apples and plums (unpeeled) give a nice texture, I thought blueberries would add both colour and a taste kick.  I was right.  First of all they coloured the fruit to that of beetroot.  It made it much more […]

Bacon-wrapped tuna

I usually make this dish with monkfish, but I saw this tuna steak and thought I’d try a new version.  I cut the tuna into pieces roughly the size of two fingers , wrapped a bacon rasher around each, and secured it with a wooden toothpick.  I set them on foil in a baking tray […]

Seafood Provencal

I made up the recipe for this, but it pays more than a nod to the cuisine of Provence.  I heated up half a can of plum tomatoes after rough chopping them, and a little extra water.  I added the rest of my jumbo prawns and mussels, plus some onion, lightly fried, and sliced courgette.  […]

German wines

Tedeschi, it would appear, is Italian for “German.” So, confusedly, pointed out my father when I presented the suggested wine for Christmas Day lunch. I unhelpfully explained the origin of the wine: I’d been at a graduate recruitment event a number of years ago and – at the end of the drinks reception afterwards – […]

Cold goose

What do you do with cold goose?  The answer is that you freeze some slices of it wrapped in foil; it comes out very fresh after defrosting.  The rest of it you eat.  Easiest are goose sandwiches and goose salad.  I make sandwiches on wholmeal bread.  After the spread comes apple sauce, then the pieces […]

Another Christmas cake

My father had also made a Christmas cake, but unlike the one I’d made, his followed the recipe more closely. Neither of us bother chopping the almonds or cherries, as in our family they’re generally preferred whole in the cake. It was similarly iced to mine, but had been iced earlier and exposed to air […]

Different pastry

I decided to try a different pastry for a seafood quiche.  I zapped 2 oz of oats in the blender to turn it into a powder.  I mixed this with 2 oz of plain wheat flour and about half an ounce of soy flour.  I used goose fat as shortening to make it really succulent.  […]

Awash with dark rum

Wiki tells us that the plum pudding’s association with Christmas goes back to mediaeval England, with the church’s decree that the “pudding should be made on the twenty-fifth Sunday after Trinity, that it be prepared with thirteen ingredients to represent Christ and the twelve apostles, and that every family member stir it in turn from east to […]

Leftover omelet

An omelet is quite a good way of using up leftovers.  In this case it was what was left of the vegetables I had with my goose on Christmas day.  I added some chopped up plum tomatoes and then warmed them up in the microwave.  I sliced up some leftover roast potatoes and fried them […]

Seafood with crumb crust

I decided to try a change from my usual seafood pies.  Normally I make them with a herby white sauce with mashed potato on top, and then a cheese or butter crust.  My seafood mix was of fresh salmon, cut into 1-inch pieces, Chilean mussels, and jumbo prawns.  I put them into a greased foil […]

Mushroom lunch

I’ve done this before, but it is lovely. Before making it, however, I had a bowl of soup.  There were some sweet and sour vegetables left, plus the juices from the lamb.  I put them together with half a mug of tomato and basil soup, zapped everything in the blender and added black pepper.  It […]