My turkey pie

The last of the Thanksgiving turkey went into a pie.  I made shortcrust pastry with 3 oz of plain flour and 2 oz of self-raising flour plus about 2.5 oz of sunflower spread.  For the filling I chopped the turkey, already cooked, of course, into about one inch pieces.  I made a white sauce from […]

Two desserts at Ask

I went to Ask with a friend for a quick lunch.  I ordered the salmon rustico, and was quite surprised, in that I’d expected a piece of fillet, but instead was served a dish with pieces of salmon in and amongst new potatoes, butter beans, green beans, black olives, cherry tomatoes, and green pesto.  It […]

Frozen food at Peterhouse

I was at a big formal dinner in Peterhouse.  The invitation stipulated “black or white tie,” so some of the boys turned up in dinner jackets, some in white tie and tails (I wore my white dinner jacket), and the girls came in long dresses, some off-the-shoulder.  The food was first class, and obviously they’d […]

Phoenix dinner at Girton College

I was guest of honour at the Phoenix Dining Society’s Autumn Feast in the Stanley library at Girton College.  It was quite a lavish affair, starting with champagne beforehand.  The first course was superb; it was caramelized onion, wholegrain mustard and goat’s cheese tartlet. Then came roast pheasant supreme with Brussels sprouts and chestnuts, thyme, […]

With Lord Lawson at Pembroke

Lord Lawson, the former Chancellor, gave the inaugural Adam Smith lecture at Pembroke College, followed by champagne, then dinner at high table.  We began with époisses tortellini in a brown onion consommé.  This was brilliant – three perfect ravioli pieces in a gorgeous tasting liquid. Then came rump of lamb, so delicate that I suspect […]

Premature St Andrews at Wolfson

I attended an early St Andrews night dinner at Wolfson College, a week before the recognized date, perhaps so we could book the hall.  It was a splendid black tie affair starting with champagne.  The first course was a salmon mousse with cucumber relish. Everyone said it was very good, but I left mine because […]

Madsen’s meat pie

I made myself a meat pie.  Actually it was a minced lamb and onion pie.  I fried the onions first to soften them, then browned the mince, spooning away the fat that came off and replacing it with beef stock.  I added mixed herbs and garlic.  I didn’t bother to blind bake the pie, but […]

Wine slurring its words

How does it happen in the age of the internet that a wine bottle can have so many mistakes? “This Shiraz Malbec has intense violet colour, full of prunes and black cherries aromas. It’s perfect matched with barbecued meat, pasta and meture cheeses”. To make things worse the restaurant had spelt it wrong on the […]

Pita pocket or two

I ate this for a second breakfast (the first was porage with maple syrup, as usual). While the pita was in the toaster I folded a lettuce leaf, sliced two vine tomatoes and salted them, and cut a slab of Hawes Wensleydale cheese. When the pita popped out I cut along the edge so I […]

Candle-lit Magdalene

I was invited to formal hall in Magdalene College, Cambridge, which is, I believe, perhaps the only dining hall there which is lit only by candles.  It certainly lent a magical atmosphere to the occasion, heightened by the fact that we were all wearing gowns.  This was just as well because the food was rather […]