Malunininku is a strong – 50% – alcoholic beverage originating in the land of Lithuania. Malunininku means windmill in Lithuanian, and the label depicts two devil like creatures drinking either side of a windmill. The taste is strong and almost chocolately with a hint of secret herbs… quite a biter taste that burns the lips […]

Pumpkin carvin’

I carved this here pumpkin on Friday night for use on Halloween on Sunday. I looked up on the internet ways to preserve pumpkins once they have been carved. The enemy of pumpkin is bacteria and moisture leaving from the exposed areas. As such the internet recommended washing the pumpkin in water and bleach, drying […]

Cake and Champagne

My Birthday came around and cake was had by all, the cake was pretty delicious and chocolate rich, it was washed down nicely by the aptly named Cuvee de Capatalisme. Happy Birthday to me, many thanks to Adam Smith who has had an invisible hand  in increasing the likelihood of me reaching the grand-old age […]

Cambridge Union debate dinner

I was debating in the Cambridge Union, and enjoyed the debate dinner, when the speakers and the committee are served a meal together in the Old Library before the debate itself began.  First off was warm tartlet of smoked haddock with a beetroot salad and served with warm ciabatta bread.  I left the bread, but […]

Geoff Merrill chardonnay

It’s quite a stunner.  Geoff Merrill was raised on a sheep farm in Australia, and is noted for his handlebar moustache and love of cricket.  He makes excellent wines.  This chardonnay is described as having “youthful green hues, aromas of complex toasty vanillin oak and citrus fruit.”  It is matured in French oak barrels to […]

Roux Brothers amazes

I had an excellent lunch at Roux Bros, Parliament Square (which is actually in Great George Street).  Each dish looked worthy of exhibition in an art gallery, as well as tasting superb.  I began with warm beetroot salad with goat’s cheese, orange, mustard and walnuts.  Just look at it; it was mouth-wateringly good. I went […]

Eggs and more eggs

The Mediterranean Kitchen in St Martin’s Lane does eggs so well that it’s difficult to settle for anything else.  The two of us both began with goat’s cheese and caramelized onion on bruschetta, and both had the same complaint: the bread should have been toasted. I chose the eggs Benedict, and was served two eggs, […]

Xander’s chocolate fudge cake

Xander didn’t actually make this chocolate fudge cake.  It was his birthday, and instead of buying him a drink, I thought I’d buy him a cake.  The choice was limited, but my thoughts were that chocolate fudge cake cannot go far wrong. It probably helped that when Xander came round to enjoy it, we served […]


Tamarind is a Indian restaurant in Mayfair with a mission statement to make you think again about Indian cuisine experience. They run a sunday offer on their set sunday lunch meal of 2:1 if you book it in advance, usual price £35 per person. The sunday lunch has no choices, you eat the lot. My […]

Duck and tart at the Phoenix

Lunching at the Phoenix on Palace Street, Victoria, two of us ordered the breast of duck from the specials board.  It looked suitably pinkish, and I tried a bite and thought it good. It came with a red onion tart which my friends liked a lot. I myself opted for the leek and cashel blue […]