More scrambled eggs and smoked salmon

In this case it was Norwegian smoked salmon bought from a French supermarket, together with two large free range eggs.  As usual, fresh ground black pepper and lemon juice on the salmon, and ‘resting’ the eggs for a minute part-way through the cooking.  Alongside is a glass of Crémant de Limoux, an interesting sparkling wine […]

Chorizo chicken returns

The return of the ever-delicious chorizo stuffed chicken breast wrapped in bacon. This really is the gift that keeps on giving, inventing this little concoction is potentially the best thing I ever did. Teaching my girlfriend to make it for me comes a close second! We steamed the broccoli to retain its flavours best. The mashed […]

Degustation noir

I still eat black chocolate every day, even when I’m in France.  I tried a new one, Ivoria “Degustation Noir.”  The label said “more than 70 percent cocoa solids.”  I could have chosen the 85 percent, and probably will next time, but I thought the 70 percent might convey its taste more readily, without overwhelming […]

Wedding food

I attended a friend’s wedding over the weekend and the food at the reception was delicious. So much so that I ate the whole starter of smoked salmon before remembering to take a photo (above). Anyways, as mine was a dairy-free version it was very simply smoked salmon on a plate, other people had a […]

Get your Cote

I’d not been to Cambridge’s Cote before, and was pleasantly surprised; the quality of both food and service far exceed those offered by any of the other restaurants that have occupied that site during my six years in Cambridge. I started with the steak tartare. It looked more like a burger than I’d expected: traditionally, […]

Un-European activities

I went in to buy a different wine, but I spotted this pinot noir.  Note that, although this is a French wine, the label looks more New World than European.  There is no drawing of the chateau with maybe pictures of medals won.  Instead there is a bold design in striking colours with the name […]

Wild mushroom omelet

The rest of those wild mushrooms went into an omelet.  I washed and chopped them ahead of time, and had the pleasant aroma of strong mushrooms permeating my kitchen.  I sautéed them in butter and oil while stirring up two large eggs with a fork.  Into a hot, smoking, pan with very little oil went […]

Mushroom and sausage casserole

I saw some strange looking mushrooms on a market stall in Nice (visiting for a few days).  I bought a few of them – the middle group on the left and decided to make a casserole. I bought carrots, aubergine, courgette and red pepper, then decided it needed something meaty, so I bought a sausage, […]

Reggae legs

Levi Roots’ delicious reggae reggae sauce makes everything tasty. I marinated chicken legs and thighs for a number of hours before dumping into a dish and placing in the oven. A simple salad of black olives, beans and cherry tomatoes in oil, balsamic vinegar and mixed herbs accompanied. Delicious!

Quirinale delights

I’d been to Sky TV’s Millbank studios, and wanted to eat somewhere nearby.  The nearest is the Atrium in the building itself, but Quirinale, 50 yards down Great Peter Street, is much better. I began with a completely stunning citrus marinated salmon.  It came with chunk of grapefruit, but the marinade tasted strongly of lime, […]

Alien fish

In fact it was beer battered pollock, served at the Loose Box in Horseferry Road with minty peas, hand cut chips and salad.  I’ve commented before about the strange shapes their fried fish can assume, but this was extraordinary, and reminded me of the nasty creature that turns into Alien in the movies.  The fish […]