Mackerel and salmon

Returning to the original Chop House on King’s Parade, I did a most un-Chop-Housey thing by ordering two fish dishes.  I say that because the place is justly famous for its game, its sausages and its meaty puddings.  And here was I eating fish and fish.  The smoked mackerel had a really nice taste; the […]

Range of dishes

There’s a very varied menu at Balls Bothers Victoria wine bar and restaurant. I was content with lovely roast beef sandwiches and horseradish sauce on wholemeal bread.  They were very good, with the beef nicely pink and soft. One companion had Scottish rib-eye steak with béarnaise sauce, and said it was excellent. Another, new to […]

Thyme gentleman

For starters I had the ever excellent combination of scallops and black puddings. These black puddings were much more haggis like than usual. They contained what appeared to be rice and were subsequently a lot lighter than others I’ve had. Most important though, for me, was the fact that the scallops still had their corals […]

Familiar but delicious dishes

Preparing dinner for guests, I decided in two very familiar dishes, mushrooms on toast followed by butternut squash, blue cheese and pecans.  While the wholemeal bread was toasting, I chopped up a large field mushroom into chunky pieces, and simmered it in a mixture of butter and olive oil in a lidded pan.  I spread […]

Salsa salmon

For breakfast/brunch I made myself a smoked salmon sandwich with a difference. I made it spicy. I started out as usual. Bread, salmon, purple onion and capers but then I topped off with a light helping of spicy salsa. I really wasn’t sure if this would work at all. But, for me, it did. Not […]

Maypole Antipasto

The owners of this Cambridge pub are from Italy, and it shows in their Antipasto Mediterranean. The dish comes served with two pieces of large, crusty bread, and the main part of the meal is made from sundried tomatoes, olives, feta cheese, various herbs and a few other bits and pieces, sliced small and put […]

Mixed fruit pie

It started out as a way of saving the leftover cherries after I’d made summer pudding.  I halved and stoned them, then cooked them with apples and plums to make a compote.  Very good it was, too.  Then it occurred to me that what was left might make quite a good fruit filling for a […]

Airport sushi

Because I hate to fly on a full stomach I find sushi is the perfect pre-flight meal. It’s filling without making you feel too full. Miso soup is very settling too. One thing I cannot abide before or during a flight are grapes. Odd? Maybe… Sushi is my ideal meal and there is good reason […]

Grilled pork loin

I cooked my loin of pork leg on a rack at the bottom of the grill, with the heat on medium.  I first rubbed the slices on both sides with garlic and pepper.  Then I grilled it for 20 minutes, and that included several turns to have it evenly and gently (but thoroughly) cooked.  It […]

Butterflied chicken

My mainstay meal in DC was chicken and vegetable pasta. Bored of this and in a rush I sliced a chicken breast in half and fried in a pan. I then placed said fried chicken breast between bread and ate. A balanced meal! In fairness to myself I seasoned it with garlic, salt, pepper and […]

Exotic Bank

The Bank restaurant at the St James Court Hotel is interesting.  First you pass the Zander bar, reportedly the longest in Europe.  Then you enter the dining room which is nice enough in itself, but which looks out onto an exotic courtyard in which a fountain is surrounded by multi-coloured walls.  We had a table […]

El pollo rico

El Pollo Rico is a Peruvian chicken place based in what looks like an industrial estate opposite the George Mason University campus (original and law school buildings). It serves chicken in quarters from 1/4 to a whole. The chicken is spit roasted over coal with a delicious herb skin and comes with a fantastic sauce. […]