Feasting at Rhodes 24

I was in the company of five teenagers, helping them celebrate the end of exams – two of them had finished a physics exam that same afternoon.  It was also the end of their schooldays, so we started with Galimard champagne. I ordered the Ticklemore goat’s cheese tart as a starter, but first there was […]

Light lunch not prix fixée

While I was having my camembert and omelet, my friend chose from the a la carte menu.  In this case it was a bowl of mussels, done marinieres, in a white wine sauce. It came with lots of baguette to soak up the liquid, and a big helping of fries.

Light lunch prix fixée

From the Café Rouge fixed price lunch menu I chose the camembert and tomato on baguette to start with.  It was a very nice light combination, though the leaves lacked excitement. Then I ordered a mushroom omelet with yet more greens and chips on the side.  The omelet was good, nice and gooey inside with […]

Speaking at the Coleridge Barbecue

I was guest speaker at the Coleridge Conservative barbecue in Cambridge.  It was a really warm day, but it was in a large, pleasant garden with the scent of roses and birdsong filling the late afternoon.  They had rather a clever double BBQ, so that one had food just cooking, while the other one had […]

Basic apples

Apples are a welcome addition to Sainsbury’s ‘basics’ range.  Their other apples were selling at £1.89, £1.78 and £1.56 per pound, but the basics were priced at 84p a pound.  I picked out this one which was quite large, standing just short of 4 inches tall, and costing me 27p.  Half of it was enough […]

Perfecting the salmon goujons

I had another go at the salmon goujons with a lime and coriander dressing, tweaking the ingredients just a little.  The salmon strips, cut from fillets, were dipped in flour and then brushed with beaten egg.  The coating was made from breadcrumbs, grated cheddar cheese (which I added more of this time), sea salt and […]

Graduation day lunch

On a warm day I decided to invite a guest to lunch out of doors.  Brasserie Gerard on Cambridge’s Bridge Street has a small garden at the back, just right for the occasion.  I ordered two courses from their prix fixée lunch menu.  First off were the whitebait, which came with much more crispy breadcrumby […]

Good combination

I mentioned to a friend that I sometimes have two starters for lunch instead of a starter and main course.  He took my advice and started with 6 escargots.  These are basically an excuse to eat garlic butter and to dip one’s baguette into it. This was followed by gravad lax, and the wine was […]

Cherry delight

So easy but so excellent.  I washed black cherries, halved them and removed the stones.  Then I sprinkled cane sugar over them, and I mean just a pinch, so a few grains clung to each half-cherry.  I added a dollop of crème fraiche.  What is good about this is that the full taste of the […]

Salmon goujons

I looked up a recipe on the internet.  I cut the salmon fillet into strips after removing the skin.  I dusted each with flour and brushed with beaten egg.  Then I mixed breadcrumbs, grated cheese, pepper, salt and herb mix, and covered the fillet strips in it.  I fried them in olive oil for about […]

Patience ran out

Oh dear.  An unfortunate experience at Fish Works.  Four of us went, knowing we’d get a good meal, as always.  The wine came and was good – Paarl Heights chenin blanc.  The starters came after a while, and I had fried squid, which was really good with a pleasant dip.  Then we waited, and waited.  […]