Poached salmon with roasted peppers and mushroom

Peppers taste very much sweeter when roasted.  I used a new instrument I bought to de-seed peppers; it has a cylindrical head with a serrated edge.  It was only partly successful, but I finished the job with a knife.  I put the pieces onto a greased baking tray, brushing each lightly on both sides with […]

Pork belly, my belly

Chunks of pork belly described by my dining companion as having the fluffy texture of Krispy Kreme donuts. Definately a MUST HAVE dish for two or more people to share, I wouldn’t want to eat it all on my own as the portions are large and the fat content is heavy. The dish is also […]

My Alter Ego

I have coveted this wine from afar for years. It’s golden label is somehow not naff. It’s pedegree is exceptional and yet it’s a wine technically within my ability to pay. At Berry Bros it’s £50 a bottle. Sainsburys apparently sells it for £44 and it was there today that I saw it reduced to […]

Home made

Yesterday I made la salsa ranchera. A hot salsa made with tomatoes, hot chilies with seeds, onion and garlic. Today I made guacamole. These things are so easy to make. Less than 30mins for each one. They are so much tastier and far far cheaper than any you’d buy in the supermarkets. Guacamole was simple. […]

Dark delight

I walked past Hotel Chocolat whilst out getting my voicemail fixed, and was very tempted to go in and buy some aids for my academic activity. However, I then noticed the prices and decided a somewhat more special occasion was required, so instead dropped by Sainsbury’s on my way back to the bus stop. In […]

Protein with fungus

It was a high protein meal, featuring smoked salmon (responsibly sourced) and crab sticks, with lemon juice squeezed over them and black pepper added.  There were mushrooms, halved with their stalks and lightly cooked in oil and butter, and finally scrambled eggs a la Gordon Ramsay.  It was completely delicious.

Gobbet or goblet?

Aimed at the abstemious these contain 100ml of wine. Now, to me a glass is 250ml. However, this wine is aimed at people who think a bottle of wine is too much for two people to have – so why not buy single servings?! So perhaps they thought they would go even lower than the […]

Lasting market chorizo

Every now and then I take a walk through the market in Cambridge, and this last week’s weather has been magnificent, so I went a couple of times. On one day, I was tempted to buy a chorizo sausage, so I did. Although it cost £3.75, it was quite hefty (about the size of two […]

Your starters for two

I sometimes have two starters when I’m not very hungry.  I was at Chez Gerard in Cambridge, eating in their courtyard on a warm day.  The snails looked good, so I ordered 6 of them.  In truth, I think if mushroom strips were lightly fried and then immersed in garlic butter, they’d probably taste about […]

Down on the Green

Another year down, and it’s time for Cambridge’s 37th Beer Festival – the second-largest beer festival in the country. For the first time in a few years, I’ve been volunteering; hence why, on Saturday and Sunday, I found myself lugging all manner of heavy things around in the baking heat! I was pleased to see […]


One of the best wines I tasted at the London International Wine and Spirits Fair. This is from the family owned and run Huarpe Bodegas Y Vinedos. I spent a while at their stand discussing the wine with one of the two brothers who operate the business: Maximiliano Hernandez Toso. He was very pleasant and […]