Fruit skewer

Baking fruit brings out the natural sweetness of it, as well as making it softer.  This was yet another from Sam Stern’s “Eat Vegetarian,” from which I am extracting the maximum value.  I took a nectarine, a large plum, strawberries and a banana, and cut them up into handy-sized pieces.  The banana I sprinkled with […]

Crown roast of duck

This is not like the other kind of crown roast. A crown roast, in poultry terms, simply means that the legs of the bird – in this case a Gressingham duck – have been removed, leaving only the breasts and wings. It took an hour to cook this one, going into an oven that had […]

French toast with blueberries

I started by whisking up a large egg with two rounded dessert spoons of soured cream , a teaspoon of cane sugar, and a generous pinch of cinnamon.  I cut the crusts off wholemeal bread slices (white would have been better, but I never have any in the house).  I dipped triangles of bread in […]

Wheat Free

The Evans family have recently gone wheat free. Although the occasional baguette is tempting when dining out, we are persevering at home. This process has actually been a little easier than I would have thought. The purchase of a bread maker (more in future blogs) has made us wonder why we have been eating mass […]

Saintly wine

Chateau de l’abbey de saint-ferme, 2000. At under £10 a bottle it represents phenominal value. I’ll be buying more! The first sip was slightly acid and tannin heavy. And I thought I’d got what I’d paid for. However, with the next sip the wine had already opened up and was delicious. I was surprised at […]

Pigged out

Honey mustard pork chops with mash and tomato salad. The delicious summery weather made me eschew warm vegetables and opt for a side salad. The chops were left to marinate in honey, mustard (Dijon & grain), soya sauce and Worcester sauce. Then fried until cooked before pouring the excess marinade into the pan to warm […]

Thai red kangaroo curry

I like kangaroo. A lot. So much so that, at a recent Conference in Australia, I was introduced with a line that my hobbies included – amongst other things – “eating kangaroo.” I was, therefore, a little disappointed by Xander’s recent post – a waste of a perfectly good pun in my opinion! It did […]

Totally addicted to bars

Each box contains 6 and each one contains 2 bars, thus 12 bars in a box. I eat about 8 of the  bars each day. Can’t stop. Simply delicious. Despite their “healthy” wrapping I’m sure eating this many poses health risks. For example, this one time I was eating one and someone made me laugh […]

Chilli aubergine rice (Sam Stern 2)

The second dish I tried from Sam Stern’s “Eat Vegetarian” was a real stunner.  I boiled a cup of basmati rice for 20 minutes in salted water.  Meanwhile I chopped an aubergine into bite-sized pieces and flash fried it in a wok for a few minutes.  I chopped a red chilli with the seeds removed, […]

Sam Stern’s “Eat Vegetarian” (1)

I am by no means a vegetarian myself, but a new cookbook from Sam Stern is certainly worth a punt.  Sam, currently studying at Edinburgh (one of my almae matres), will not be a teenage chef for much longer.  His new book is excellent, and I’ve been working my way through some of his recipes.  […]

Hooky Bitter

Hooky Bitter, from the Hook Norton Brewery, is a golden and hoppy beer, and one I’ve enjoyed before. At 3.6% it’s light and designed as a session bitter; it’s also won a number of international awards over the last decade. Progress, according to the brewery’s motto, is measured in pints. I imagine quite a few […]