Chicken Balmoral

There was, of course, leftover haggis in need of a home, and I felt like something a little more creative than just reheating it. A little light Googling later, and I found Chicken Balmoral; the essence of which is chicken stuffed with haggis and wrapped in bacon. It’s as if three animals died for my […]

Polish and Mexican

It sounds like a strange combination, but l’Autre in Mayfair’s Shepherd’s Market has for years offered both Polish and Mexican dishes.  You can go for all dishes of one cuisine, or mix and match.  Two chose to go Polish, and ordered the borscht (beetroot soup) to begin with. I also chose Polish, and went for […]

Balvenie Doublewood 12y.o.

I picked this up duty free in Singapore, on my way back from the other side of the world a while back; I tend to buy whisky at duty free, as it usually offers the best value. The Doublewood refers to the fact that the this particular single malt matures in both whisky and sherry […]

Quick and healthy

I enjoy making massively customised salads out of whatever I have left in the fridge. Otherwise, I’m sufficiently disorganised when I go shopping that there would be huge amounts of waste. This time, it was the following collection of entertaining treats: Two pieces of ham, served, of course, with mustard (this time English, as the […]

Simple lamb chops

I defrosted a couple of lamb chops in the fridge whilst I spent the day at work, and wanted a quick meal when I got back. So, first, I set potatoes on to boil – for the mash – and started to heat the grill. Whilst that happened, I chopped cabbage and trimmed green beans […]

Roast dinner, lunch, dinner

I roasted a chicken. It was excellent and lasted for three days. Here’s how I did it, and the stuff I did with it: Firstly, I defrosted the chicken from the freezer. This I started in the fridge for 24 hours, but this wasn’t long enough, so I turned the fridge down and put the […]

Crayfish at Catz

I was invited to a college formal hall dinner at St Catherine’s College, Cambridge, in the company of students reading Politics, Psychology and Sociology (PPS).  The meal started with a glass of the College red in the bar, then on to the dining hall to begin with a crayfish salad – unusual and very good.  […]

Sunday Roast

Unlike Madsen, my roast beef didn’t have any extra basting fat. I tend to avoid joints like that, looking instead for something with a decent level of marbling throughout – this fat cooks out and keeps the meat moist. It was a three-pound joint, and I roasted it for about 45 minutes at 190C. After […]

Two-meat salad

The two meats were both left over from previous meals.  There were still some slices of the Christmas goose, now defrosted, and some slices from the silverside beef joint I cooked.  I put them on opposite sides of the plate so that the goose could be enjoyed with Waitrose Bramley apples sauce, and the beef […]

Chieftain o’ the pudding race

It was Burns night, so I decided to have haggis. Mine was from M&S, and came in an artificial casing; it was, however, 2-for-£3 so there’s one in the frezeer. It steamed for about 50 minutes, before being split open and served. I also steamed a chopped and peeled parsnip till it was soft, and […]

Slow cook sausage hotpot

This was great!  Into a greased casserole dish I first put sliced potato at the bottom, then sliced carrot.  Next came chopped mushroom.  Then came the sausage –  both French ones, not links but medium size and compact.  One was pork and nuts, the other pork and bison, both bought from a farmer’s stall at […]