Better than going cold turkey…

Those Thanksgiving leftovers are usually eaten in turkey and cranberry rolls, remembering that cold turkey needs salt to pep it up. I had one of those, and decided to use the rest in a pie. I made a shortcrust pastry base and a puff pastry top. The former I made myself, the latter was made […]

Dinner at Peterhouse

I was at a dress-up dinner at Peterhouse, with the boys in white tie and tails or in black tie and dinner jackets, and the girls in long shiny dresses. The dining hall was candle-it and was very atmospheric. We had started the evening on prosecco until called into dinner. After Latin grace we were […]

Post-holiday transition

Friends had just got back from some sunshine and fancied carrying on their theme of food from abroad, so we had lunch at Café Rouge on Bridge Street in Cambridge. It was surprisingly busy at 1.30pm and has recently had a small face-lift, so was interesting to visit once more. I arrived a dash earlier […]

Deliciously new at the Chop House

I was with a couple of student friends at Cambridge’s Chop House – the original one in King’s Parade, rather than the new St John’s Chop House. There are some new dishes; I hadn’t seen the steak and stilton suet pudding before, or the wild boar chop. I spotted an interesting new starter and ordered […]

Formal dinner at Teddy Hall

Some friends invited me to join them for formal hall at St Edmund’s Hall, Oxford (called ‘Teddy Hall’ by generations of undergraduates). I’d left my black gown in Cambridge so they rustled up a spare scholar’s gown for me to wear. After a glass of wine in the college bar, we trooped across to the […]

St Hugh’s at Gees

After I had spoken to the Philosophy, Politics and Economics Society of St Hugh’s College, Oxford, some of the students too me for dinner afterwards to Gee’s restaurant on Banbury Road. We were seated in the conservatory section, which was light and spacious, even on a winter’s evening. I began with quail’s eggs and celery […]

Thanksgiving in London

It’s the quintessentially American festival, but I’ve celebrated it for many years now, ever since I lived and worked in the US. I was helping to cook for seven people. Non–US people might like to know that it consists of the foods prevalent in the New World , and was originally held by the Pilgrim […]

Lunch on the terrace

I revisited the Atrium at 4 Millbank, and ate on the terrace rather than in the inside café as I usually do. It is lighter and more spacious, but the service can be noticeably slower. I was surprised to find how much the food has improved. I began with the scallops with a whirl of […]

A brief beer

I was half an hour early for the bus, so I went into The County Arms and ordered a beer I’d never heard of before: Tyskie. I’ve no idea how that’s pronounced properly, but it’s from Poland, so perhaps those of you in the know can leave a comment. It was a hefty 5.6% and […]

Creamier pumpkin soup

Yes, it’s that time of year. I peeled my pumpkin, cut it into one-inch pieces, brushed them with olive oil and baked for 25 minutes, turning once. I fried some chopped onions, and added them and the pumpkin to half a pint of chicken stock. I added black pepper, a long squeeze of lemon juice, […]

Salmon at Tiles

I used to go to Tiles on Buckingham Palace Road. It’s a wine bar/brasserie which I used to poop into if I were eating nearby, and sometimes I ate there. I was in the area with a colleague, looking for a light supper. I ordered the salmon in teriyaki sauce on a bed of noodles […]

Beef casserole

I started with really good quality beef strips, with no visible fat. I seared the sides of them in oil in a hot pan to seal in the juices, then put them in a lidded casserole dish. I par-boiled a sliced carrot for six minutes and added that. Then chopped purple onion, and finally red, […]