More Lehmann

I drank some more of the Lehmann wine.  This time it was not to mark the anniversary of the collapse of the similarly-named investmant bank (which lacks the final ‘n’) but to celebrate a remarkably tasty pizza at Ask, the branch in Bridge Street, Cambridge. It featured lots of mozzarella and parma ham, and called […]

Custard on pumpkin pie

Having tried creme fraiche on my first pumpkin pie of the season and found it not sweet enough, I tried something different for the remainder of it.  I heated the last piece of pie in the oven, and made custard to go with it.  I added a half spoonful of sugar to the custard (something […]

Full fathoms five

I did check to see if Waitrose were really offering Orca Bay New Zealand sauvignon blanc for less than a fiver.  They were not, but they were offering a New Zealand sauvignon blanc called Five Fathoms for just under five pounds.  I bought some, and was pleased to fnd it very drinkable with an uo-front […]

Old-fashioned, but good

I went for lunch at Pembroke College.  Unlike formal hall dinners with gowns and rituals, these are very informal buffet affairs.  There was a huge range of choices, many of them healthy fare, but some calculated to fill hungry students.  I went for the very traditional fish, chips and peas.  It was very good, with […]


Now the clocks have changed, it feels distinctly autumnal. A little over a year ago, I wrote about what is a rather good dish for this time of year. The brisket had been in the freezer for a while – I bought it Waitrose at a knock-down price as it was the end of a […]

Unusual shepherd’s pie

It was unusual in that I added a herby tomato sauce to the minced lamb, plus some fried chopped onions. This gave it something of the character of a thick Bolognese sauce. I added pepper and lemon, an then covered it with mashed potatoes. I grooved the top with a fork, and put flecks of […]

The other Chophouse

So, there are two Chophouses in town now. Some of the staff seem to have headed up the hill to the new one, perhaps keen to help get it off to a flying start. We picked a bottle of Sangiovese to drink whilst we looked through the menu. Whilst – as I was once told […]

Pumpkin and fennel soup

I had some pumpkin purée left over after my pie, and decided to make pumpkin soup. I had half a head of fennel left, so I chopped that and fried it alongside half an onion. When these were soft, but not brown, I put them to one side while I reheated the liquid left over […]

Moules frites

I had the moules frittes at the Abbey, and this time took a photo. The quantity is such the French would sniff at, but is about right for my lunch. Tasty, succulent, but one problem: the lovely liquid is left with nothing to eat it with. Next time I shall order bread to mop it […]

First pumpkin

I bought my first pumpkin of the season. Instead of buying a whole small one as I usually do, I bought a slice of pumpkin from the market. Before Halloween most of the pumpkins available are for carving rather than eating, so I knew I was getting some ‘eating’ pumpkin. I scraped away the seeds […]

Tomato and pepper salad

The basis was cherry vine tomatoes, rough chopped. I softened the red and yellow peppers by sautéing them gently in a little olive oil beforehand and letting them cool. Into the bowl went a good slug of extra virgin olive oil, plus sea salt and pepper seasoning and a generous glug of red wine vinegar […]