Lune on the harbour

I’ve eaten there before. It’s one of the many restaurants which ring the harbour at Nice. You can survey the luxury yachts registered in the Caribbean while you eat your seafood. I asked why this one was called Lune – did it mean moon, I asked.? No, they said, it’s another word for harbour. This […]

Les Vignobles Choisis

Not only do we all drink Provence rosé wines with our seafood, we even buy it at the supermarket to drink with home cooking. This one was “Les Vignobles Choisis,” an appellation controllé rosé with the confusing statement that it was put in the bottle “for Chateau Elie Sumeire.” Not by them, but for them. […]

Champagne tasting 3

The fifth drink for the evening was, remarkably, a rosé Champagne called Alain Thienot Brut. It was also non-vintage, with a company founded in 1979. Its roughly eight years in the bottle gave it very light bubbles and a peachy colour. The nose had light strawberries, blackberry and dark cherry. The body had cucumber, potato […]

Cannibal pizza

Three of us ate at L’Oustaou on Boulevard Gambetta, and I discovered to my dismay that I’ve been spelling its name wrongly. The lettering script is not the easiest to read, but I have it right now. One of us chose the spaghetti with bacon, mushrooms and cream. I chose the fish (I cannot recall […]

Champagne tasting 2

We now arrived at our first true Champagne of the evening – and it was pretty good. More than twice the price of the previous bottle, at £27, this was cheap, and was called Canard Duchene Brut, non-vintage. Apparently, Champagne tends to stay in the bottle for four years during its fermentation process, and often […]

Lady L at Resto Wine Notes

Before our dinner at the Big Blue, we all popped into Resto Wine Notes just around the corner. I was chiefly showing it to my friends, but we decided that, since we were there, we might as well have an aperitif. There was no live music yet, so we surveyed the wine list in the […]

Seafood penne

We stopped for lunch at La Cane au Sucre after our segway riding. My companions were in the mood for more pasta au pistou, with garlic, basil, olive oiol, pine nuts and cream. One had spaghetti for the pasta, while the other tried the penne. The consensus as we all tasted was that the penne […]

Mixed seafood at the Big Blue

We ate dinner at one of the restaurants in the area used for the daily market until the gun fires from the castle at 12 noon and the stalls are replaced by restaurant tables. The Big Blue always puts on a good show of seafood on ice in a display case at the side. My […]

Champagne tasting 1

Eight drinks were served in total at the Cambridge Wine Merchants Champagne tasting, which will make four posts. Alongside the wines, we also had a selection of cheeses and breads and some slightly spicy meat slices. When we arrived, we were presented with a Kir Royale cocktail, made this time from a zero-percent Maison Fondée […]

Desserts at Les Corsaires

After the salmon, duck and fritto mixture at Les Coraires at Villefranche, we looked at the dessert menu. I was too full, so I carried on with the Provence rosé, but my lunch companions were made of sterner stuff. One went for the apple crumble, a slice of which was elegantly presented surrounded by streaks […]

Salmon and duck at Les Corsaires

Villefranche is a really enchanting place, and it’s only 10 minutes by train from Nice. We ate right on the harbour’s edge at Les Corsaires. I always go there because it is so good, and superbly situated. I ordered the slice of salmon. It was brilliantly tender, almost literally melting in the mouth, and flavoured […]

La Barattolo

I returned to Nice to prolong summer after autumn set in at Cambridge and London. Sure enough it turned out to be hot and sunny, with outdoor eating the norm. My first evening saw me return to La Barattolo in the pietonnerie (walking area). I ordered the penne a la putanesca, (which does actually mean […]