Stuffed aubergine at Mimosa

Outdoor eating was a must on such a humid evening, so I walked up St Christopher’s Place and James Street neat Bond Street tube station, finally settling on Mimosa. It does Mediterranean cuisine. While I sipped on the (slightly too warm) Stowell’s chenin blanc, I ordered goat’s cheese and pear crostini to start with, and […]

Spontaneous stuff

At the last minute I invited two friends over to join me for dinner, but I hadn’t bought any food for the occasion. I had some slices of chorizo I’d forgotten to put in the frittata, and I had a couple of packs of prawns. I decided to try a variant of the scallops and […]

A Madsen masterpiece

Inspired by my summer pudding, which is adapted from a Sam Stern recipe, I determined to use up the remaining berries by making a compote of stewed summer fruits. There were strawberries, hulled and halved, blueberries and raspberries, and I added a large fresh ripe peach chopped into pieces to add texture to the mix. […]

Frittata and salad

I don’t often serve hot food with a salad, but these seemed right, and it was a particularly interesting salad.  The frittata I made in a parchment-lined tin to stop it sticking.  I whisked four large eggs with two good spoons of crème fraiche, 2 of goat’s milk yoghurt and half a cup of goat’s […]

A good seafood risotto

I’ve been trying out some of the new dishes at Ask.  Although it’s a pizza place and then a pasta place, they do other stuff that can be quite appealing – like that aubergine pasta-free lasagne.  This was on the night’s ‘specials’ board.  It was a seafood risotto, slightly more expensive than most of their […]

Opportunity knocks

Sat outside the Chop House on a sunny evening, we ordered a bottle of white wine.  It was a 13.5% 2008 blend of Colombard, Sauvignon and Riesling, and  called The Opportunist, from Adelaide’s One Chain Vineyards. It was a rather good wine – light, and fruity, and perfect on a warm evening as we watched […]

Hardy’s Bin 53

I can’t wait to try this.  Hardy’s Bin 53 Special Release was in Sainsbury’s at a special price of £3.99.  For an Australian shiraz that looks like very good value.  And Hardy’s is pretty dependable, too.  It’s an ’08 shiraz from South-Eastern Australia, coming in at 14 percent.  The label promises “forest berry flavours with […]

Game on

The Chop House is one of my favourite restaurants, and we were there for dinner celebrating a friend finishing exams. For starters, we split the Venison pâté, which came with a brown and sweet apple marmalade, a leafy salad, and toast. It was good, and something different. We carried on the game theme for main […]

Side by side with salad

It was a South-East Australian Chardonnay from 2006 and clocked in at 12.5%. The brand was McGuigan, and was labelled as being a ‘private bin’, although I’m not sure what that means, if anything! The nose was quite a standard New World Chardonnay: buttery, smooth, although the ‘tropical fruit’ on the label was somewhat lacking. […]

More about that chilli oil

I wrote a few months ago about the Belazu chilli oil I bought.  It’s been in use quite a lot recently as I snack on the leftover sections of quiches, flans and tarts.  I notice a couple of things, though.  The first thing is that it’s better NOT shaken up before use.  The heat collects […]

Oxo Tower celebration

I went with friends to the Oxo Tower restaurant to help them celebrate the end of exams.  The Harvey Nichols restaurant is on the eighth floor, with magnificent views of St Paul’s, the gherkin and other London landmarks across the Thames.  As we drank the house rosé champagne, we contemplated the fairly short but mouth-watering menu.  […]

A good diet dish

Today I created a pretty good diet dish, which sounds slightly overdone, but is actually perfectly acceptable. It consists of one tin of tuna (pictured is a yellowfin tuna), opened and forked out loosely into a bowl. To this, add a selection of your favourite nuts. Mine were walnuts, sunflower seeds and pine nuts. Add […]