Fish at the University Centre

They say it has the best view of any restaurant in Cambridge, not because it overlooks the river and Mill Pond, but because the hideous concrete University (graduate) Centre cannot be seen from inside it. It does, however, have a good restaurant which I’ve not visited in months. I began with the “mackerel two ways,” […]

Seafood at the Haozhan

Back to London’s Gerrard Street for a really good up-market Chinese restaurant, the Haozhan.  Their seafood is so good, especially the cod.  We began with scallops (photo) and soft-shell crab, and went on to have champagne cod and honey cod, both extraordinary with delicate fish lightly seasoned.  We shared a bowl of rice (and didn’t […]

It’s that time again

Yes, it’s summer pudding time and I’ve been making some spectacularly good ones, plus a below par one when I simmered the fruit in too much water.  The good ones involve bringing summer berries to the boil with two tablespoons of crème de cassis, two of lemon juice and a quarter of a pint of […]

The cheek of it

Waitrose are now selling various less-than-fashionable cuts of meet, which frankly I think is brilliant. I picked up some pig’s cheeks and, as they were keen to sell them, got them at a knock-down price. So, I started off by quickly browning the outsides of the cheeks and setting them aside. Then into the same […]

Quiche and berries

I decided at the last minute to feed my guest in rather than at a restaurant, so that meant using whatever I had in.  Right, a quiche.  Pastry made extra quick with no embellishments.  Cheese to line it, then chopped onions and the rest of that thin-sliced chorizo cut into quarters with scissors.  Then creamed […]

Midday special

The Fort St George in England is a very old Cambridge pub, and very popular, too, with its large outdoor area.  Their specials usually include mixed roast meats from their carvery, but this was a warm summery day, and that seemed like a lot of food.  There were two of us, both tempted by the […]


I ate lunch at the Sanctuary on Tothill Street near St James Park tube station.  Although I was attracted by the board outside offering butternut squash soup, when inside I ordered the lemon sole instead.  It was workmanlike and quite delicate with new potatoes and green beans.  With it I drank some Conway Hill, a […]

Lindauer Special Reserve NV

It’s brut, although the colour is decidedly peachy. In fact, it’s practically rosé. If you buy enough of it – six bottles – then there’s a special offer on until June 9th in various stores in Britain, although I found it at Wine Rack, which, I later learned, is the successor to Thresher’s. The fizz […]

Cherry tart

It was simple enough.  I rolled puff pastry into an oval shape, and scored a line half an inch in from the edge.  I pricked within the line, but not outside, to let it puff up into a border.  Within the score line I spread a mix of cranberry sauce and goat’s milk yogurt to […]

Galleria, indoors

We weren’t sure whether or not it was going to rain, so we asked if we could sit on the lower level of the balcony overlooking the river, then the one above would shield us. We were informed that the balcony area had closed, however, so we sat indoors instead. The Galleria’s menu has become […]

The wrong chorizo

Actually it was the right chorizo, but wrongly sliced.  Intending to make Nigella’s chorizo with scallops, I bought an end chunk of chorizo from the deli counter.  Thinking to save myself time and effort, I asked for it to be sliced.  Big mistake not to specify thickness, for I was handed a pile of wafer-thin […]

Lactose free, Gluten free…

Starting on Saturday I began a week of eating gluten and lactose free food. I went down to Brighton to visit friends and go out for dinner, I was half expecting my will to crumble and just to eat any old thing. However, fortuitously the restaurant we happened upon had the most clearly labelled food […]